Camkids: Sreylim Update

As proud sponsors of Camkids- The Cambodian Children’s Charity, we were delighted to receive this update video from the Charity to see how Sreylim, the girl we sponsor, is getting on. Camkids helps many orphans and abandoned children like Sreylim grow up in a happy and stable environment. Now 16 years old, Sreylim enjoys spending time with friends and her studies are going well. She also hopes to go to University soon. Most recently her orphanage received a new cooker from Camkids, which the staff and children have both been enjoying.

To find out more about the work Camkids do click here.

Brussel sprouts invade the office

Things are getting sprout of control this afternoon at TLC headquarters!

Ready to be #spooked!

Previous visitors of our TLC Life page will know that we are very adventurous and like to take part in several team activities throughout the year.
So, we have booked our third team activity for next month.

14th October – is the day when all of us here at TLC are attending Thorpe Park’s Fright Night.

We’ll be discovering a huge amount of fear and terror, whilst walking along the island’s deserted railroad, in the newest scare maze – Platform 15. We will also be trekking along the overgrown railway line, hoping not to lose our tracks and avoiding disturbing the haunted souls that were once aboard.

Not only will we be stumbling through a live action maze but also going on thrilling rides in the dark including The Swarm, the UK’s first winged rollercoaster, Saw – The ride’s 100ft ‘beyond vertical’ drop and Stealth, one of Europe’s fastest and tallest rollercoasters.

Can we outrun what lies at the end of the line?

We’ll be sharing our scares with you very soon…

Mmmmmm cheese!

The TLC team celebrated Josh’s birthday this week, presenting him with a yummy (and slightly stinky) cheese hamper!

TLC were #UpAtTheO2

Yesterday, the TLC Business team conquered ‘Up At The O2’, a steep suspended walkway that runs over the top of the dome.












At 52 metres high, this was more than just a spot of sightseeing and actually required a bit of effort to reach the top, which is quite the challenge in 23oc heat!

However, after channelling Reinhold Messner, we all managed to successfully ascend all the way up to the top of the London landmark, and thankfully, no one was hurt!













When we eventually reached the top, we were able to experience the fantastic views of London, including Canary Wharf, the Shard and the River Thames. After spending 20 minutes on the platform before realising that some of us (mainly Sophie) were starting to burn, we had the slightly daunting task of climbing back down (which was the worst part).
















Will this be the end to TLC’s crazy, daring activities? Of course not!

We’ve booked our next team activity!

For those of you who have seen our TLC Life page before, you will have noticed that we’re a rather active team, and taking part in any sort of ‘relaxing’ activity is completely out of the question.
So, as we’re ‘on a roll’ with our daring activities following on from our recent half marathon, we’ve decided to climb The O2 Arena in London! You may think we’re bonkers to do something like this, (and to be honest, you’re probably right), but we’re all really looking forward to it!

The O2 mission will consist of us getting suited up, harnessed up, and ascending all the way up to the top of The O2 via a walkway. Thankfully, all of us here at TLC are capable of coping with heights, which is useful as we will be suspended 52m above ground level.

Nervous for us? Don’t be! Stay tuned to see how we get on.

Hopefully it won’t be too windy!

Did someone call the Cookie Monster?

As the Cookie Monster may say… “We want cookie!” “We eat cookie” “Om nom nom nom”.
The TLC team have been busy baking some yummy cookies for yet another TLC Bake Off – can you tell who’s is who?

TLC completed the ABP Southampton Half Marathon!

After months of tough training and plank challenges, the TLC team completed the ABP Southampton Half Marathon!
On Sunday, our abilities were put to the test as we tackled the gruelling Southampton Half Marathon. There was no blood, minimal tears and only a few injuries, but we are proud to say that the TLC team completed the race with a smile (kind of) on our faces!

We started off at Above Bar Street, then continued our journey over the Itchen Bridge, through St Mary’s Stadium and around Southampton Common. You could say that some of us hit the ‘runner’s wall’ as we tackled the (deceptively) hilly Burgess Road!

We all finished in a great time:

Josh – 01:37:09
Anna – 01:58:24
Alex – 02:14:04
Sophie – 02:37:27
Shannon – 02:52:35

We’re all feeling very achy this week, but excited for our next marathon-mission!



Only 4 days until the Southampton Half Marathon

It only seemed like yesterday that the TLC team nervously signed up for the ABP Southampton Half Marathon, and before you know it, it’s only 4 days away!
There have been a few injuries along the way, but the team have all been training hard, and we’re finally getting some use out of the running machine! (Who would have thought?)

We’ve all set a time of when we want to finish the marathon by, but will any of us achieve our goal? Stay tuned!

Muffin mad!

The TLC team have gone muffin mad for the next bake off! Who’s going to win this time?