Marketing Titbits – SlideShare, changes to Twitter and Google +

Following on from the launch of our ‘Marketing Titbits’ at the end of last year, here are 3 ‘titbits’ we think you need to know about this week:

  • In 2013, SlideShare is predicted to be the fastest-growing social network site, alongsideFacebook and LinkedIn. 2013 is the year content is predicted to become the new advertising. With this in mind, SlideShare provides businesses with a dedicated platform to showcase and share your own content. If you want to know more about SlideShare click here.
  • Twitter have announced that in 2013 your Twitter feed will be personalised to your interests and “TweetRank”. It also measures the popularity of various tweets e.g. how many retweets and favourites various tweets get and promotes more popular content. Expect some changes in your Twitter feed as a result.
  • Despite failing to attract headlines Facebook and Twitter do, Google’s social media offering is going about its business quietly but effectively and is now estimated to have in excess of 135 million active users. Not exactly a failure and currently growing as fast as Facebook. As each week passes, it becomes clearer that Google + is not just another social media site to rival Facebook or Twitter. Instead it is becoming the glue that holds Google’s diverse range of services together. As Mike Elgan puts it, think of all the other services Google offers (email, docs, search etc.) as ‘features’ of Google +. We are convinced Google + will become an increasingly important component of your businesses online strategy in 2013.