#MarketingTitbits – Glass, Pinterest, networking

Glass-Pinnterest-networking-smaller1. Google Glass is coming to the UK
Until recently, Google Glass has been available only to those living in the USA. However, the company released a statement earlier this week stating that they will begin offering Glass to individuals in Great Britain.

Along with the statement, Google provided potential customers with a video showing Glass being used in London; to give them an idea of how they might use the device locally. The video includes features such as language translation, a sat-nav system, and video recording.

To read more, click here. 


2. The most pinned places on earth

Not so long ago, the only way to see and save images from far corners of the earth was to tear them out of travel magazines and stick them into scrapbooks or on the wall. However, times have changed and the traditional methods of ‘scrap-booking’ have been replaced with the internet, and in particular Pinterest.

If you possess that certain wanderlust you may already have a Pinterest ‘Travel’ board set up, but just in case you haven’t, we’ve got the perfect article for you. Mashable have brought us a list of the 30 most pinned locations all around the world. 


3. 7 networking secrets everyone should learn in their 20s

Networking is a very important skill for all business professionals. It enables individuals to make strong connections with other business professionals and some might argue that good networking is the key to success in business.

This week, we saw a great article from Business Insider with seven networking secrets everyone should learn. To have a look at the list, click here.

#MarketingTitbits – Small Biz Saturday, Cow Waterbeds, Stats

SBS-Waterbeds-stats-small1. Small Business Saturday comes to the UK
Small Business Saturday is already a $5.5 billion phenomenon in the United Sates, which began in 2010. Despite this, it has only just made its way over to the UK. It’s UK debut was last Saturday (7thDecember) and it hopes to raise the profile of local UK business, encouraging shoppers to consider local businesses when purchasing.

The idea was launched by American Express who helped to introduce it to the UK. They worked hard with digital marketing alongside local authorities to promote it throughout the UK. James Caan and David Cameron are backing Small Business Saturday and we think it is a great concept! To read more, click here.

2. What you can learn from a cow waterbed company

Dean Throndsen is an American dairy farmer who has dedicated his life to the comfort of cows. Dairy cows lie down for up to 14 hours a day and in the past it has been difficult to find a way to protect them from the weather as well as giving them the ability to lie down, without getting sores on their legs.

Dean then came up with the ingenious idea of cow waterbeds. They are long lasting, practical, comfortable for the cows and hygienic. Now, we’re obviously not suggesting that you start up your own cow waterbed business, although it might not be a bad idea. We found a great article from Entrepreneur about the things that you can learn from DCC Waterbeds, to read more click here.

3. 20 impressive social media statistics

Last week we found a great article from Econsultancy, which highlighted 20 mind blowing social media statistics from 2010 compared to 2013. Did you know in 2010 Twitter had only 75 million users, it now has 883 million. To read the other 19 statistics, click here.