Facebook celebrates its 12th birthday, but will brands be celebrating in the future?

Facebook celebrates its 12th birthday, but will brands be celebrating in the future?

Last Thursday marked Facebook’s 12th birthday, and they were kind enough to let us users be a part of it with their ‘Friends Day’ video experience! The special occasion enabled users all around the world to view a personalised video experience at the top of their news feed, which included photos that were marked as ‘special moments’.

The ‘Friends Day’ videos were pre-populated, but users were able to customise and switch the photos being used to create the video, with their customised version being posted on their Timelines shortly after.

Despite a marked decrease in number of under 18s using the platform regularly, there are still many more birthdays to come for Facebook, thanks to the 1 billion users actively using the platform each month, but how many of these are actually brands? Below are just a few examples of how the big boys are using Facebook in its 12th year:


Nike is arguably one of the biggest brands out there and their Facebook page plays a key role in their overall marketing approach. The page is a balance of new products, science and charitable initiatives, but one way they differentiate themselves is using different pages for each of their product lines. From snowboarding to golf, Nike has a page for all interests. Do you?


When marketing a technology product, it can be challenging not to get too ‘techy’ and alienating your audience. Microsoft’s Facebook marketing is a great example of avoiding falling into this trap.

Their latest campaign was based around the hashtag #5to9, which was designed to focus specifically on a user’s time outside of the office. They also subverted typical workplace acronyms like PTO and ETA, converting them into non-workplace phrases, indicating that their products can be used at home, as well as in the office. Microsoft’s use of social media platforms like Facebook, is in marked contrast to Apple whose use of social media marketing is very limited.


As Cadbury’s Dairy Milk approached their 1 millionth like on Facebook, they decided to celebrate with an innovative campaign – the thumbs up! Cadbury’s built a giant thumbs up out of 1 million pieces of chocolate and allowed fans to participate and engage with the campaign through their Facebook page.

Cadbury’s are still devising quirky campaigns on Facebook now, with their festive #cadvent Christmas campaign last year a great success at generating consumer engagement.

With all of these brand giants embracing Facebook marketing, what does this mean for us marketers of smaller businesses?

Facebook is still developing new ideas for brands to showcase their products; their new Carousel ads, first introduced back in 2014, are a key example. Since then, advertisers have seen carousel ad links drive 30-50% greater consumer spend as a result of the social network. This, along with the rapid rise of video on Facebook, all points to the social media giant continuing to play a central role in many marketers’ social media strategies in 2016 and beyond.

What are your thoughts about Facebook marketing for SMEs?

#MarketingTitbits – Top 10 Nike adverts, Pot Noddle advert banned and obsolete words that should have never gone out of style!

1. Top 10 Nike ‘Just do it’ advertsFounded in 1964, the American multinational corporation, Nike, is now one of the world’s largest suppliers of sports clothing and accessories. Nike aired its very first television advert in 1982 and since then has been the only company to win Cannes Advertising Festival’s Advertiser of the Year award twice, in 1994 and 2003. Nike has also won the Emmy Award for Best Commercial twice since the award was first created in the 1990s.

This year Nike is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its iconic strapline “Just Do It” and we’ve found a great article in Marketing Week, showcasing the top 10 adverts from Nike.

2. Pot Noodle advert banned for being ‘Crass and degrading’

Last week, we came across this article about an advert from Pot Noodle that has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority for being ‘crass and degrading’. Now Pot Noddle is not known for the highbrow humour in its advertising, so we were intrigued to see what they had done to cross the line. The advert in question shows a picture of a bikini-clad model being compared to a spicy flavour of Pot Noodle with the question “which one gets you hotter?” The ASA decided that the ‘blatant’ comparison between a girl posing in a ‘provocative’ way and a Pot Noodle was likely to cause ‘serious offence’ to some viewers.

Several complaints about two other Facebook adverts from Pot Noodle were rejected, one of them with the strapline “peel a top off a hottie”. To take a look click here.

3. 18 obsolete words that should not have gone out of style

Have you ever noticed someone groaking at you? Do you know anyone that’s a bit beef-witted? Is your wife with squirrel? Have you got any idea what we’re going on about?

The English language has been evolving since 450AD when what we now call Old English came into use. Since then, Middle English, Early Modern English and Late Modern English have been spoken. With each new faze, new words have come into being, whilst old words become forgotten about.

Some of the words we use today are thousands of years old, for example, historians expect that words such as “I” and “we” have been used since the Stone Age. This week we found an interesting article from Business Insider about obsolete words that they think shouldn’t have gone out of style, to have a look click here.