Top Marketing Tips For July

  1. Free Online Photo Editor – Photo editing applications often require you to have the image stored on your computer.  Free Online Photo Editor lets you edit images stored on your computer and it also accepts direct URLs of images stored online. Once you provide the image to the editor you can perform numerous editing tasks that include resizing, rotating, adjusting the brightness, sharpening, enhancing, adding text to images, and much more.
  2. Tweet Topic Explorer  is a tool that lets you quickly check what a Twitter user has been tweeting about. The normal way to check would be going through the user’s Twitter timeline which can be time consuming. This tool helps you avoid that by showing the main topics in a tag cloud format. Check out the TLC Biz twitter topic image below, I have no idea why the word dog is in there…..Josh?
  3. The Big Book of Graphic Design is the independent, international, and indispensable collection of graphic design from around the world. The work is grouped into seven categories: Corporate, arts, music, education, editorial design, self promotion and unpublished. A great book to help you with some graphic designs ideas for your business.