Who are TLC Business?

An inspiring and effective marketing & design company, passionate about our clients.

An ‘actions and results speak louder than words’ approach in all that we do.

Committed to listening to understand our clients’ specific needs.


We are a marketing company for SMEs run by an SME

  • As part of The Lifetime Company group, we have experienced the running and selling of a variety of SME-sized businesses. As a result we know what you are going through. This experience means that we are ideally placed to use our extensive marketing knowledge and expertise to benefit your business. We are more than just an outsourced marketing resource; we create a long-term partnership with your business, to help you now and as your business grows. Think of us as your own marketing department.
  • No two businesses are the same in our experience. We look at your business as a whole, in order to get a thorough understanding of your specific needs. We use our knowledge and creativity to help produce a sustainable marketing model that works for you and your unique business.
  • The marketing environment for SMEs is different to large corporates, every penny counts. Time and money invested needs to produce results that add to your bottom line.
  • SME marketing is not about expensive events, brochures and advertising; it’s about creating cost-effective marketing that works within your budget.


As part of The Lifetime Company group, TLC Business upholds the values on which our company was built. Critical to this is the concept that our clients and their businesses’ needs always come first. Our belief is that actions speak louder than words, but results drown them both out. Delivering results and value for your organisation is what motivates our team.

We do this through employing our PIPE Marketing Formula in everything that we do:



Preparation + Inspiration + Perspiration + Evaluation = Realisation
We believe that incorporating the principles behind each part of this formula into all of our marketing activities, guarantees more effective marketing, a greater return on investment and a dramatic reduction in wasted time, money and effort. Surely a good thing?

Easy to work with
Allied with results, we believe it is important to enjoy working with us. In order to achieve this, we listen to how you want to work and adapt our working processes and methods of delivery accordingly.

Good communicators
Good communication is vital to building a lasting relationship and we recognise that this is crucial to the success of any campaign. We have developed systems that allow the clear, simple and quick transfer of information both internally between our teams and externally and most importantly, with you, our client. This ensures everyone is fully informed of progress and developments throughout the lifetime of every project.


  1. Do you want marketing that delivers a return on investment?
    Our explicit focus on the ‘Preparation’ and ‘Evaluation’ phases in the marketing process will make your marketing more effective, whilst saving you time and money.   
  2. Do you want to work with someone who understands where you are coming from?
    We speak your language. With over 9 years experience working with SMEs and being one ourself, we know and understand the challenges SMEs face and act accordingly. 
  3. Want to work with a business dedicated to you and your needs?
    It is important for us to become part of your team, getting to know and understand you and your business, allowing you to focus on what you do best, whilst we take care of your marketing. 
  4. Do you want a single point of contact for all your marketing matters?
    We are your single point of contact for all things marketing, saving you time, hassle and money. Whether it is strategy & planning, digital, telemarketing, design, PR, events and more marketing support you are looking for, we can take care of it all. Meaning you don’t have to waste valuable time briefing multiple suppliers.  
  5. Would you like to work with a business that is passionate about what it does?
    If you are like us, you’ll enjoy working with businesses that are excited about what they do. It is inspiring. Well we love what we do! Helping ambitious businesses grow and achieve their objectives inspires us. We are passionate about marketing and getting it right. We are always striving to improve and learn new ways we can help our clients.


TLC Business’ ‘Mission’ is to become the number 1 small marketing and design company in Hampshire by 2016.

In order to achieve this, we will strive to:

  • Improve the effectiveness of our clients’ marketing and reduce waste on ineffective activities.
  • Help our clients’ achieve their business objectives.
  • Develop clear understandings of our clients’ needs and ensure we meet them.
  • Communicate clearly, concisely and frequently.
  • Always actively strive to be better.
  • Commit to instilling high quality and value into everything that we do.


Our values and how we do business are based on TLC:


We deliver a thoughtful service, using a unique process to generate great marketing results for our clients. Everything we do is based on reason and every business is different, therefore, we tailor our approach to suit your business needs.


Our thinking is not constrained by convention; we go beyond boundaries to help achieve clients’ limitless potential. We take ideas from the limitless sources of inspiration that surrounds us on a daily basis:

Art & Design


  • We are committed to instilling high quality and value into everything that we do.
  • We make a commitment to our clients to work in an honest, transparent and effective manner. We believe in building long-term relationship that last a lifetime.
  • We are committed to supporting our colleagues, operating in a professional and supportive manner, which creates an enjoyable environment in which to prosper.
  • We are committed to the environment and maintaining an environmental conscience, always considering our influence on the environment and actively reducing our and our clients’ impact on it.

Inspired marketing, inspiring business.