Email Marketing

Custom designed e-shots and newsletters get your messages out to your target audience quickly and cost-effectively

Access your results and reports online, in real time, so you can get the information you need, when you need it

Email marketing saves costs on printing, reduces your impact on the environment and can be measured. It’s what’s called ‘a no brainer’!


It is easy to get lost amongst the plethora of e-marketing tools and ever-expanding world of cloud software solutions that can be used to promote your organisation online. We believe one area that cannot be ignored in this arena is the use of email – e-shots, e-newsletters and e-flyers.

In our experience, done well and targeted at the right target audience, email marketing can become a crucial component of any marketing plan. If implemented correctly, they are an extremely cost-effective medium through which to communicate with your existing clients and target audiences.

Why do we think it is so great?:

  • E-marketing is measurable! Unlike direct mail, traditional advertising and other mediums, you can track exactly who is looking at what on your e-communications, and follow up with them accordingly.
  • E-marketing is extremely cost-effective. There are no printing or postage costs.
  • E-marketing is quick. We can design an e-flyer, send it out to a thousand people and start reporting on the results, all within a few hours.
  • E-marketing puts you in control. Our service allows you to see the results of your campaign online, immediately after it has gone out, so you can get cracking on the follow up straight away.
  • E-marketing helps reduce your impact on the environment, there is no paper, there are no inks and there are no delivery emissions involved.


  • E-newsletter design and updates
  • E-shot / E-flyer creation in plain text or html
  • E-marketing campaign conception, creation, delivery, reporting and follow up
  • Database sourcing and purchasing


E-newsletter, e-flyers & e-shots:

  1. Design bespoke branded e-newsletter template or e-flyer / e-shot.
  2. Assist in sourcing imagery and writing copy if required.
  3. Upload your database/s into our e-marketing system (we can source and purchase databases if required).
  4. Run test campaign to check you are 100% satisfied.
  5. Deliver e-newsletter, e-flyer, e-shot to your chosen recipients and target database.
  6. Provide you with your own secure log-in area online to access the live campaign reports, showing you who’s looking at what and where they are going.
  7. If you are sending a regular newsletter, we will reuse the existing e-newsletter template for future emails, updating the imagery and copy, saving you time and money.
  8. Our system allows you to compare campaigns, helping us to identify how to improve the effectiveness of your marketing.

Email marketing perfectly complements telemarketing and lead generation campaigns, acting as a filter to help identify prospects interested in your proposition.

If your organisation could benefit from a creative, cost-effective lead generation solution, please give us a call at our Hampshire office on 01962 600 147 or email and we’d be delighted to discuss how our campaigns can help you generate new business, fast.

Interested in how email marketing can help your business grow?