Marketing Team

Your very own marketing department without any of the hassle and cost of an in-house team.

Experienced, knowledgeable and innovative marketers manage your marketing, whilst you manage your business.

A quick, easy and cost-effective, marketing solution to growing your business.


We love marketing, it is what we are passionate about.

We know it sounds corny, but it is true. We enjoy the buzz of working with ambitious businesses that want to achieve great things and make their own mark on society.

With over 10 years of experience helping ambitious SMEs in Hampshire, London and the South achieve their business goals and ambitions, TLC Business is perfectly placed to help your business achieve your objectives.

‘Your Outsourced Marketing Team’ is just that, a team of experienced, skilled and passionate marketers, dedicated to helping grow your business, allowing you and your team to focus on what you do best.

If you are looking for outsourced marketing services to help grow your SME, give us a call on 01962 600 147. We’ll talk you through how we’d help.


An experienced team of marketing professionals dedicated to your business
‘Your Outsourced Marketing Team’ is just an extension of your inhouse team. We can fully manage every aspect of your marketing on a day-to-day basis, organising our team of planners, online specialists, telemarketers, designers, researchers and copy writers when necessary to implement your business’ marketing.

Tailored Solution
One size does not fit all. Every organisation is different. In order to meet your business’ specific needs we tailor a bespoke marketing service for your precise business requirements. This way, you get the support you need, to deliver the results you want.

More cost-effective, less hassle
It is just like having your own marketing department but at a fraction of the cost and hassle.

Use us remotely or inhouse
We can work remotely, at your offices or a combination of both, whichever suits your business’ needs.

Flexible service options
You can use us on individual projects or on an ongoing basis, starting from half a day a week. The choice is yours.

Benefit from our tried and tested marketing formula
Utilising our TLC Business marketing formula, we can manage every aspect of your marketing. Through proper preparation, inspiration, hardwork and evaluation, we will create a bespoke marketing model for your business that works and generates you the results you need now and in the future, to achieve your business ambitions.

To find out how we can help your business call us on 01962 600 147 or email We would be delighted to meet for a chat to discuss your needs.


For a small company like Cook Academy, using TLC Business’ outsourced marketing services has been invaluable. We have been able to outsource a lot of our marketing to them, and their ideas and efficiency have been instrumental in helping our business to expand.

Kate Hughes
Director / Owner Cook Academy

I have known TLC for over 2 years and in that time they have worked for my company on various projects for a year. I like their informal, thoughtful and thorough approach and have always found them to be very well prepared and full of ideas to help my business. They are a pleasure to work with and I wish I could use them more!

Sarah Murray
Director Foreverafter

‘Joshua is very insightful and professional and it was a pleasure to discuss the demands of marketing within the hospitality industry with him.’

Soma Saha: Sales & Marketing Communications Manager
London Heathrow Marriott Hotel

‘We use TLC Business for our telemarketing and have been delighted with the service we have received. They are great, friendly and reliable and importantly honest. If they don’t think something is working and could be improved, they tell us, instead of just plodding on regardless. Off the back of the campaign our business is growing and we are taking on more staff. If you are looking to grow your business and thinking of telemarketing then I would thoroughly recommend talking to TLC Business.’

Steve McGrill

Interested in discovering how we can help your marketing?