Top 5 SEO tips

SEO, short for Search Engine Optimisation, is a secret weapon marketers use to make sure businesses rank well in search results.

Mastering SEO will help to boost your brand visibility, drive website traffic, attract new customers and increase sales.

So, here’s 5 of our top tips to get you started:


1) Target relevant keywords

Google and other search engines use complex algorithms to rank websites in search results. The search engines crawl through web content looking for the most useful and relevant information. So creating relevant engaging content is a great place to start getting noticed!

As well as including the right keywords (recognised heavily searched for words or phrases). As this will ultimately help people find your page and move you up the search rankings.

Creating relevant content also increases the chance of it being shared by industry influencers, which strengthens your brand authority and can have longer lasting results than paid for advertising.


2) Optimise Meta data

Your meta titles and meta descriptions need to be impactful, as they are often the first thing your audience will see. It could mean the difference between them clicking on your website or scrolling past onto a competitor’s page.

The descriptions should be unique, relevant to your target audience and make it clear what your page is about.

Don’t forget there’s a character limit for meta data, so make sure you include your keywords and write snappy titles and descriptions so you stay within the limit.

It’s important to keep an eye out for when keywords change and update your metadata so it stays relevant.


3) Focus on User Experience (UX)

User experience has become an important part of SEO, as sites that are hard for users to navigate will also be difficult for web crawlers to scan. Slow unresponsive pages, error messages and deadlinks will not only frustrate your customers, but affect your search engine rankings as well.

Optimising your site for mobile can also improve its search rankings and create a better user experience. It’s crucial as people spend 70% of their internet time on mobile devices and 74% of users say they’re more likely to return to a website if it’s mobile friendly.


4) Create evergreen content

Avoiding time sensitive content that quickly becomes outdated, has great long term value, as your content will stay relevant for longer and you’ll continue to generate more traffic over time.

Creating short, easy to read paragraphs will help to reduce the bounce rate.


5) Add backlinks

Acquiring backlinks gives you a great advantage, as each time another website links to yours in an article or blog, it boosts your domain authority and improves the chance of people clicking through to your website. Adding internal links will also help crawlers to find relevant content and improve your search ranking.

Creating shareable content, such as videos, infographics, guest blogs and client testimonials, will mean your website is more likely to be referenced on reliable domains and shared on social media. Which will boost your profile and create more sales opportunities.


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