Most unusual ways to get marketing attention

In a world where capturing consumer attention is more challenging than ever, businesses keen to stand out from the crowd are turning to more unconventional methods.

From the quirky, to the daring, here are some of the most unusual tactics that have sparked intrigue, generated buzz and left a lasting impression on audiences:

1) Guerrilla marketing

Guerilla marketing grabs people’s attention by disrupting everyday routines with unexpected marketing tactics.

Popular activities include flash mobs, sidewalk chalk art, or placing eye-catching installations in unexpected public places.

a large group of people dressed in white and blue

2) Tattoo branding

Some businesses have paid individuals to get tattoos of the company’s logo or product. This extreme form of marketing turns people into walking billboards.

3) Product placement in virtual worlds

With the surge in popularity of virtual reality and online gaming, savvy companies are seizing the opportunity and placing their products within virtual worlds to connect with their target demographics.

4) Hiring lookalikes

Employing lookalikes of celebrities or well-known figures to promote products turns heads, especially if they interact with the public in character.

Girls with cups standing back to back

5) Viral marketing

Social media posts have the power to go viral and quickly get widespread attention.

Successful businesses and influencers will create engaging videos, memes, or interactive campaigns that are highly shareable. The secret is to create engaging content that will encourage people to share it with their networks.

6) Reverse graffiti

Reverse graffiti is an eco-friendly way to grab attention in urban areas.

It involves cleaning dirt off streets or walls to leave behind a message or image.

7) Ephemeral content

Leveraging platforms like Snapchat to create marketing content that disappears after a short period can create a sense of urgency and exclusivity among audiences.

Woman sitting on staircase using snapchat app on smartphone

8) Mystery campaigns

Launching a mystery marketing campaign, with little to no detail, can get the curiosity of your audience.

Teaser campaigns with cryptic messages, or mysterious packages, sent to customers can create buzz as people try to solve the mystery.

9) Edible advertising

Using food to deliver your message can be a tasty and memorable way to market. For example, customised fortune cookies or printed messages on confectionery.

10) Outlandish challenges

Creating a challenge or contest that encourages people to engage in unusual tasks for rewards can generate viral content and attention.

11) Using drones

Using drones to deliver products, create aerial light shows with logos, or capture unique footage for marketing purposes can stand out in the technological age.

Quadcopter flying in nature

12) Incorporating scent

Using scented advertisements or having a unique fragrance associated with your store or product can create a memorable sensory experience.

13) Stunt marketing

Stunt marketing aims to create a memorable experience that generates significant media coverage and word-of-mouth publicity.

Think skydiving stunts, extreme sports demonstrations, or large-scale art installations.

You can’t expect all of these wacky ideas to go down well with your target audience. Unusual marketing strategies can be hit or miss, and what resonates with one demographic might not work with another.

It’s important to consider your brand image and what would work well with your brand. We are happy to help with personalised ideas for how to get the right attention for your business.


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