Kindle takes on iPad

Style over substance?
Despite all the hype, is the iPad the perfect example of style over substance? Designed to be portable and accessed on the go, anywhere, the iPad has one significant flaw, you can’t read it in sunlight. Amazon has seized on this weakness in its latest series of adverts to promote its considerably cheaper Kindle, to try and capture valuable market share in the e-reader market. What do you think about the advert?

The Boom in Mobile Marketing

Last week, the team here at TLC Business predicted that social media in 2011 will no longer be considered as new. Businesses will be including social media in their marketing strategies, taking full advantage of the social networking opportunities on offer.
So what else can we expect in 2011? The team here at TLC Business predict that 2011 will see a massive boom in mobile marketing. Mobile marketing has recently exploded due to the introduction and success of the Iphone and Ipad, technology is now instant, portable and personalised.

The growth in use of Apple App store has been phenomenal; increasing by several billions of downloads in 2010. According to reports, mobiles will be more widely used then desktops in 2014, with smart phones expecting to account for over a quarter of sales in 2011. Studies have reported that mobile marketing is 10 times more effective then web banners and on average 4 to 5 times more effective then online advertising.

More and more consumers will be tuning into the world of phone apps in 2011, as innovations in the Iphone, Ipad and Android phones enable retailers to increase their engagement with customers.

“Mobiles are now another tool to add to the smart shopper’s tool belt and allow retailers to meet current and potential clients in a new sphere”

Companies are going to have to provide content that is optimised for mobile devices. This includes content such as contact information, links that promote your brand and landing pages that build your database. Not only will companies have to display smart phone friendly information, they will also have to respond to their consumer needs through the likes of mobile advertisement and text messaging.

2011 will be an exciting year for businesses. Not only can B2C companies take advantage of the success of mobile marketing, but there are also opportunities for B2B businesses to engage with new clients.  As the adoption of smart phones grow, so will the future opportunities.

TLC Business Team Up with the Fresh Ideas Network

We’re really excited to announce plans to work with Fresh Ideas Network as part of their mentoring and support programme. This fantastic initiative supports community food projects in their quest to make healthy/local food more easily available, accessible and affordable to local communities, particularly in areas of disadvantage.
The mentoring programme aims to provide participating food projects with tailor-made support so as to help increase their sustainability and ability to generate income. Many projects have identified a need for marketing support so as to help them raise awareness of their offering, and this is where we come in! We’ve been linked up with the Healthy Living Centre in Aylesbury and will be provide marketing support to specifically help promote their Community Café and catering service. We can’t wait to help out and support this superb project and we’ll keep you updated with our progress.

For more details on the Fresh Ideas Network visit their website

Old Spice is back!

Remember Old Spice? We didn’t even realise it was still around. Their new viral campaign is making waves on the web and has brought the brand back firmly into the public conscience. Here’s why…

STOP Traffic This Autumn

We here at TLC Business have previously mentioned that ‘Gorilla Marketing’ remains a strong influence on our marketing philosophy. If used effectively, Gorilla Marketing can add a buzz to your brand and make a product or service worth talking about.
Last week, Oxford Circus was brought to a standstill, not only by the traffic but by the powers of the fashion industry.  Commuters and shoppers stood in amazement as they witnessed a Halle Berry lookalike abseil into Oxford Street dressed head to toe in high street fashion, providing onlookers with a ‘Vertical Catwalk’.

This unique stunt was to promote the beginning of the second week of High Street Fashion Week, featuring retailers such as French Connection and H&M. Last Year the event kicked off with a catwalk on a tube, this year they took to the skies, so what will next year bring?

This is an extreme case of Gorilla Marketing and due to health and safety restrictions we do not recommend dangling your product or colleague off a building to promote your brand; however we do believe that adding a fresh, creative aspect to your marketing can provide you with the results you desire.

Here are some great examples of how different organisations have used Gorilla Marketing to create a brilliant PR spin for their brand:

Puma created a breakout of fashion onto the streets making the sports world stylish with a successful Gorilla Marketing concept.

Mini in the Netherlands came up with a quirky way of promoting the Mini Cooper by littering the busy streets of Amsterdam with over sized ‘mini boxes’.

Unique online jewellery and fashion accessory company Boticca staged a flash mob in Portobello Market Notting Hill.

Like any marketing, Gorilla Marketing can go wrong. We believe that the preparation stage of any marketing concept is vital and when not researched and implemented properly, brilliant marketing campaigns can flop.

The major fashion brand DKNY produced what looked like a fantastic Gorilla Marketing campaign by placing neon bicycles around New York City in an effort to promote their brand, as well as the eco friendly way of transport.  The BMX bikes were covered in bright neon colours with the DKNY logo in contrasting black. The marketing concept did not receive the feedback you would have expected from a high profile brand; the bikes that weren’t removed by the police due to being illegally chained to trees were picked clean for spare parts and left by the side of roads as litter. Not a great message for a luxury brand.

If you are a retailer or a business that feels the need to inject a bit of creativity into your marketing, then get in touch. The TLC Business team can help you create a campaign that stands out from the crowd and gets your business noticed for all the right reasons. Take advantage of our 15% off any campaign offer in September and make your brand work for you.  Contact us on +44(0)1962 600 147 or email Anna at


Using Strategic Alliances to open new doors in 2011

Growing your business means spotting potential emerging opportunities and taking advantage of them quickly, before your competitors move in. It’s difficult to break into new markets, and a partnership can bring instant access to new customers.  If your company has the technical know-how; another company can have the resources to bring that know-how to market. This year there have been rumours of a collaboration of Skype and Facebook.  The partnership will include the integration of SMS, voice chat and Facebook Connect into Skype to make Facebook a central communications and messaging platform for its users.
The Skype-Facebook tie-up will prove attractive to businesses as much as consumers, because many SMEs already use Skype as well as Facebook and Twitter.  Even if this collaboration turns out to be just rumour, it points to a natural evolutionary step of bringing together community and communication technologies, this combination could become very attractive and useful to enterprises, as well as consumers.

Alongside Facebook and Skype, two global brands, BMW and Saab are also eyeing up a possible collaboration. After turning to BMW for help with an engine to power a possible revival of the Saab 92, it seems the Swedes at Saab could be returning the favour. Since Saab has a lot of experience with front wheel drive and BMW have confirmed that they would like to create such a model, the two companies could take the collaboration to a new level. The possible partnership between BMW and Saab could mean that their 92 model and the new BMW could share the same underpinnings.  The collaboration will revolve around the production of a tear-drop shaped car, which is inspired by the Saab 92 model, produced from 1949 until 1956. To keep the mystery and secrecy around this possible new model, Saab said in an official statement:

“We indeed are looking for alliance partners but no cooperation with has been confirmed at this time. A smaller Saab below the 9-3 is not currently in our business plan though it would be on our wish list”.

So will this collaboration be the perfect partnership or will it, like many relationships have a rough patch?

Strategic alliances, if thought about, planned and implemented properly can be the perfect tool to help a business generate new clients. However collaborations are not just for big global brands, SMEs can also benefit from collaborating with like minded companies who also want to produce a clear path for new business and future success.

Welcome to the TLC Business blog

18.01.10 New Beginnings
Welcome to the all new TLC Business blog, on what is officially the most miserable and depressing day of the whole year.

Not for us though! Here at TLC Business we are most definitely defying the winter blues. In fact, we couldn’t be more upbeat if we tried. We’ve just sent our lovely new business cards off to the printers, the new website is live and we’re raring to go!

It has indeed been a very exciting start to the New Year as we go full steam ahead with TLC Business – the reincarnation of The Lifetime Company’s TLC Office.

TLC Business has grown out of a desire to do what we do best and love most, and that’s marketing.

Our mission is to provide SMEs across Hampshire and the South with carefully conceived, innovative and results-focused marketing solutions that represent great value for money. The new team bring together a fantastic range of skills and experience, and everyone is full of fresh ideas and enthusiasm for the year ahead.

Over the coming months and beyond this blog will record what we’ve been up to and flag up any events you don’t want to miss out on. We’ll also share anything we’ve found particularly interesting or helpful and put forward our thoughts on all things marketing; the stuff we like, the stuff we don’t and everything in-between. We hope you find it useful.

Rebecca Pash, Marketing Manager, TLC Business

Welcome to TLC Business

You may have noticed that TLC Office looks a little different now. We thought it was time for a change and hope you like the new look and feel.
The changes are more than just cosmetic though. TLC Business is now entirely focused on providing inspiring, innovative and effective marketing & design services to growing SMEs across Hampshire and the South.

Marketing is what we love, and what we do best, so the new focus makes perfect sense. For the last 5 years, we have enjoyed working with a broad spectrum of exciting and inspiring businesses on their marketing, and we are very excited about helping even more.

We have made some fantastic additions to the team, welcome Rebecca and Rob, who you will no doubt meet over the coming year. They bring superb marketing and sales experience with them, which will prove invaluable in delivering marketing campaigns for our clients.

Finally, you can keep up with what’s happening at TLC Business, marketing hints and tips, local events and more through twitter and our blog. We’ll keep you up to date with useful information that can help your business grow in 2010.