Are you getting on the Royal Baby bandwagon?

With the arrival of the Royal Baby, Britons everywhere have suddenly busted out there patriotic fervour, last seen this time last year for the Olympics, to mark the occasion. Keen not to miss a trick, the country’s marketers have greeted the birth of the future king with a seemingly endless stream of tenuously related promotional offers to ‘celebrate’ the momentous event. Pizza Hut have offered a free side or dessert with any large pizza, ASK Italian Restaurant have offered a free glass of Prosecco to toast to the new baby boy and American Apparel have offered customers 15% off all purchases online and in store. These are just the tip of the iceberg.
Not only have we been receiving a flood of Royal Baby related emails, but we have been bombarded with a raft of Royal Baby themed advertising campaigns, to have a look at some of the best and the worst click on the links below.











Chilli’s Bar and Grill




























Air New Zealand






















Play Doh


Aston Villa


Marks & Spencer





and Adobe have even set up online cards for everyone to sign with congratulations to Will and Kate on the Royal Baby.

On the other hand, for those staunch republicans out there, don’t miss The Guardian’s “Republican” button on their website, which blocks all news and stories about the Royal Baby. Something similar was introduced around the time of William and Kate’s wedding and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee; however, we highly doubt they’re going to be able to hide from the flood of offers, advertising and emails streaming into their inboxes.

#MarketingTitbits – Hootsuite, shopping and Science World

1. Hootsuite – for begginers
If you haven’t heard of Hootsuite already then it is about time that you did. The social media management site now has 7 million users in over 175 countries around the world. It is basically a website that allows users to integrate all their social media channels and control posts across them; particularly handy for businesses.

This week, we’ve found a great article on Mashable entitled ‘A beginner’s guide to Hootsuite’. If you don’t already have Hootsuite or a struggling with it then we suggest you check it out. To read the article click here.

2. How is shopping changing in the future?

The way that we do our shopping is changing rapidly. More people shop online now than they ever have before, especially the generation of 14-19 year olds. This week we came across a very interesting article in Marketing Week that explores how the face of shopping is changing and how brands can and need to keep up with it. To have a look at the article click here.

3. Wonderfully creative adverts from Science World Vancouver

The Science World Museum in Vancouver is notorious for its slightly controversial exhibits –Body Worlds and The Science of Sexuality exhibitions being just two examples that courted controversy. This risqué and alternative attitude extends into their marketing. They are now known across Vancouver for their innovative and attention grabbing campaigns. They have amassed a vast array of eye-catching and intelligent adverts that have been used around the city to raise awareness. We think they are brilliant, so thought we’d share some with you. To have a look at some of them and get inspired click here.