Top Marketing Tips For February

What Matters Now – As promised each week, the team here at TLC Business will provide you with a free Seth Godin eBook. This week we bring you ‘What Matters Now’, a great book that gives you ideas on how to get more out of your business this year.
Gallery Hosted – An image hosting and photo sharing website that provides what most people need from a photo sharing website plus a few little extras.

Corpdata – UK B2B marketing data list owner, providing up-to-date mailing list data for B2B direct mail, telesales and email marketing. To help boost your sales in these tough economic times, Corpdata are giving away 200 free contacts to every business in the UK.

Monthly Marketing Tips

Septembers Top Marketing Tips

  • The Hampshire Business Directory is now available for the reduced price of £180, offering a 10% saving. This offer is available until 30 September 2010. The directory contains key business information and contacts that can be used to develop your sales and marketing campaigns.
  • CompeteFor is a free service that enables businesses to compete for contract opportunities linked to the London 2012 Games and other major public and private sector buying organisations.  CompeteFor is free of charge; over 1000 Hampshire companies have already registered with the service.
  • Logo Design Love: A Guide to Creating Iconic Brand Identities. Created from his popular blog, Irish graphic designer David Airey fills each page of this book with brilliant logos and real world anecdotes as well as 25 practical design tips to help you create a brand identity that lasts.

    Monthly Marketing Tips

Novembers Top Marketing Tips

  1. Free email marketing software – send 500 emails a month free.
  2. Don’t want to send Christmas cards this year and are looking for something different – how about a festive video Christmas message from you and your team. From only £67 + VAT, it is a bargain.
  3. Want to organise your tweeting, send scheduled tweets and get organised on twitter? Take a look at Socialoomph