#MarketingTitbits – retail technology, reputable brands, royal celebrations

ecommerce-reputablebrands-royal-smaller1. Shoppers using average five connected devices to purchaseWhen purchasing goods both online and in-store, consumers are now on average using five ‘connected’ devices during the process, whether this be browsing, researching, comparing or buying. Devices range from PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, smart TVs and wearables according to DigitasLBi, which examined retailer trends around the world.

The research found that 27% of consumers will hope to find personalised offers online, while 70% believe they would engage with in-store connectivity like GPS or Wi-Fi tracking if the stores offered consumer benefits. But it’s not just devices that are growing in popularity – social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are also seeing increased growth in direct purchasing.

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2. BMW beats Google and Walt Disney to become world’s most reputable brand

In a recent study carried out by Reputation Institute, BMW topped the list of the world’s most reputable brands, succeeding last year’s joint first place holders, Walt Disney and Google.

The brands were ranked in accordance to their reputations amongst consumers, based on criteria including innovation, governance and citizenship. The top ranking vehicle manufacturer believes its success is down to internet and social media tools, but also face-to-face interaction itself. Other brands joining BMW in the top 100 include Rolex, Apple, Volkswagen, Nestle and IKEA.

To take a look at the list in full, head to The Drum.

3. How brands wished Queen Elizabeth a happy 89th birthday ft Marmite, Beats, Lidl & Tesco

Last week, Queen Elizabeth celebrated her 89thbirthday, and brands across the world came out to celebrate as #QueenElizabeth trended on Twitter for the majority of the day.

Sharing their limited edition royal products on social media were Marmite and Pot Noodle, who created animations commemorating the occasion, while other brands, such as Tesco, Lidl and Surfdome showed their humorous sides.

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#MarketingTitbits – Hootsuite, shopping and Science World

1. Hootsuite – for begginers
If you haven’t heard of Hootsuite already then it is about time that you did. The social media management site now has 7 million users in over 175 countries around the world. It is basically a website that allows users to integrate all their social media channels and control posts across them; particularly handy for businesses.

This week, we’ve found a great article on Mashable entitled ‘A beginner’s guide to Hootsuite’. If you don’t already have Hootsuite or a struggling with it then we suggest you check it out. To read the article click here.

2. How is shopping changing in the future?

The way that we do our shopping is changing rapidly. More people shop online now than they ever have before, especially the generation of 14-19 year olds. This week we came across a very interesting article in Marketing Week that explores how the face of shopping is changing and how brands can and need to keep up with it. To have a look at the article click here.

3. Wonderfully creative adverts from Science World Vancouver

The Science World Museum in Vancouver is notorious for its slightly controversial exhibits –Body Worlds and The Science of Sexuality exhibitions being just two examples that courted controversy. This risqué and alternative attitude extends into their marketing. They are now known across Vancouver for their innovative and attention grabbing campaigns. They have amassed a vast array of eye-catching and intelligent adverts that have been used around the city to raise awareness. We think they are brilliant, so thought we’d share some with you. To have a look at some of them and get inspired click here.

#MarketingTitbits – John Lewis, squats, Google

JL-Squats-Google-smaller1. John Lewis’ Christmas advert set to break its own records!

John Lewis have been gracing our screens with captivating Christmas adverts since 2007. The first one, in 2007, “Shadows”, showed a range of different Christmas gifts set up so that when a light was shined on them they created a shadow shaped like a woman with her dog. However, it wasn’t until 2011 that John Lewis made history.“The Long Wait” showed a little boy impatiently waiting for Christmas day and when it finally came he ran straight past the presents piled up at the end of his bed to give his mum and dad a present, the caption was “For gifts you can’t wait to give”.

The following year we saw “The Journey”, which illustrated a snowman travelling far, through woods and over rivers and mountains to get his Snowlady a scarf, hat and gloves, the caption was “Give a little more love this Christmas”.

And so to 2013 and “The Bear and the Hare” – a story about a hare whose best friend, the bear, hibernates every Christmas. After much deliberation the hare comes up with the perfect gift for his friend, an alarm clock to wake him up on Christmas day. The caption this year reads “Give someone a Christmas they’ll never forget”.

Despite huge popularity around John Lewis’ Christmas adverts over the past 3 years, this year’s ad is set to break its own records – in social media terms anyway. Within the first 24 hours after it was launched “The Bear and the Hare” was mentioned in 49,152 tweets which is more than double the 21,027 it got last year.

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2. 30 squats = 1 train ticket (if you live in Moscow)

The price of train tickets have been rising for many years and are now at an all-time high. Unless you live in Moscow…

Forget the ruble, a Russian train station in Moscow now accepts 30 squats as payment for a train ticket. The exercise is a gimmick to promote the Sochi Winter Olympics, which are coming up in 2014. We think this is a great idea to promote exercise and at the same time getting a free train ticket!

3. The hidden features of Google

Roald Dahl once said “And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.” And here is one of those unlikely places. They may not be the best kept secrets but Google have created some secret features that we’d like to share with you. To have a look at the hidden features of Google, click here.