5 Top Direct Mail Tips

With the rise of email marketing and the focus on environmentally sustainable business practices, Direct Mail has taken a bit of a pounding. Indeed in the US, Direct Mail spending dropped by 3% in 2008 for the first time ever.
Some argue the end is nigh for Direct Mail. We would argue otherwise, you just need to be clever and innovative in how you use it. It can still be an incredibly effective way of communicating with your target market.

Here are 5 top tips on how to use Direct Mail effectively:

  1. Follow up phone call. The statistics don’t lie; we’ve found that following up a direct mail with a phone call can improve results by over 100%. However, compelling your call to action, don’t rely on your targets acting on it. A follow up call is a great way of prompting action and engaging with your prospect.
  2. Make it lumpy. To standout and grab someone’s attention you need to be different. The same goes for Direct Mail. We all receive hundreds of plain, flat, paper Direct Mails, which at worst never get opened and at best go straight from envelope to recycle bin in 1 second flat. Including something engaging in the Direct Mail, not a pen or mouse mat, but something creative and a bit different, will increase the chances of your mail getting opened and absorbed. Unusual ideas we’ve worked with include: airfix models, lego, sweets, teabags, handcuffs and airplants.
  3. Use a hand written envelope. A simple but effective way of getting your mail opened is to hand write it. It makes it personal and doesn’t scream mass mail.
  4. Speak in their language. When writing any text always bear in mind who you are sending it to and make sure you speak in their language. Make your words, syntax and imagery consistent and relevant to your target.
  5. Send it to the right person. Always get the name of the relevant person to send the mail to. If you’ve gone to the trouble of making it an interesting and relevant mail, handwriting the envelope and planning a follow up call, make sure that it goes to someone how is in a position to make a decision.
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