Great Marketing Seminar Yesterday

Room-shotThank you!We wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who took the time to attend our marketing and sales seminar yesterday. It was great to meet such a wide variety of exciting businesses. The feedback has been great and we will be running a variety of these type of events over the rest of 2010.

TLC Business Marketing Formula – PIPE
Thursday’s seminar started with an overview of TLC Business’ marketing formula for success – PIPE, followed by a look at some top marketing tips, including email marketing, social media and blogging.

How to grow a business & NLP
The audience were then given insight into: ‘How to grow a business’ by award winning Action Coach, Kevin Stansfield.

Kevin rounded off the morning with a quick look at how NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) can be employed to improve your conversion rates and improve one’s rapport building skilled.

Copy of presentations
To access a copy of each presentation click TLC Business ‘Marketing Matters’ Seminar and 5 Steps to growing a business.

“Impressive performances by both presenters. Provides plenty of food for thoughtand a couple of ‘must dos’ immediately.”

“Excellent use of a morning”


“Excellent speakers clear and easy to understand. Made me think a lot.”

“Excellent information and balanced presentation”

“Very good: aimed at right level and right amount of content given time. Thank you!”

Your suggestions for future events
It would be really useful if you could let us know what type of topics you’d like us to cover in our future seminars, so we can make sure we give you the information that will be most beneficial to helping your business grow. Please email your ideas and suggestions to

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