New Year, New You: FREE Marketing MOT

Does your marketing need a kick-start? Not sure where to begin? Need to re-focus your efforts in 2010 or put a plan in place?
TLC’s Marketing MOT is the perfect starting point. This one-hour session with one of our Marketing Managers allows a systematic examination of all of your marketing activities. We’ll put your marketing under the spotlight and get to the heart of your business by asking lots of questions that will help re-examine what you are doing.

The subsequent MOT report provides an invaluable overview of your marketing in the context of your wider business objectives. It is designed to offer fresh perspectives, ideas and inspiration that will form the basis of your future marketing activities.

In the spirit of the New Year, we’ve allocated a limited number of FREE MOT sessions in our diary. To nab one of them for your business, get in touch with Rebecca Pash, at

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