The TLC Business Marketing Formula

We’ve spent a lot of our time recently asking a lot of questions. We’ve blogged and tweeted and spent time in marketing forums. We’ve grilled all the people we’re in touch with and listened closely to their answers.
Our aim – to really gauge businessesmarketing needs and identify areas where people feel more could be done. It’s been a very interesting exercise and provided us with some fantastic insights.

Almost everyone told us they spend a great deal of time and effort on the ‘doing’, and this clearly makes sense as you don’t get results without hard work. But what about when you work hard and don’t get the results?

Interestingly enough, a lot of people admitted this was the case, whilst also mentioning they probably don’t spend enough time preparing or planning. Now, this is an area we have always put a lot of emphasis on, and we will continue to do so, because without thorough preparation and careful planning the rest simply doesn’t add up.

And thus we have it, The TLC Business marketing formula.







We wanted to break down the marketing process into distinct and logical phases of action so that we are able to meet our client’s expectations and our own in the most effective way.

The sum is, we listen closely, plan thoroughly, think imaginatively, work harder, measure obsessively and deliver more for less. It all adds up to help you achieve the most from your marketing.

If you would like to hear how our marketing formula can deliver marketing results for your business please contact Rebecca on 01962 600 150 or email

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