#MarketingTitbits – Google, Innocent and valuable brands

Google-Innocent-Interbrand-smaller1. Help celebrate Google’s 15th birthday
September 27th 2013 marked Google’s 15th birthday and they celebrated in classic Google style with an interactive doodle that allowed users to play the Mexican party game piñata. Google also had a retro celebration by publishing a website which replicates the way the search engine looked in 1988. Mashable, the American online magazine have also been celebrating Google’s birthday with a poll on what your favourite Google product is, if you haven’t already voted then click here!

2. Innocent marketing

Right from the very start Innocent’s marketing strategy was unique. In 1999 the three founders created their first smoothies and set up a stall selling them at a music festival. In front of the stall they had two bins, one saying “YES” and one saying “NO”. They asked their customers to put their empty bottle in the “YES” bin if they thought they should quit their jobs to sell smoothies. By the end of the festival the “YES” bin was full and the “NO” bin had only 3 empty bottles in it.

Since then Innocent have gone on to sell over two million smoothies every single week. Last year they sponsored the 2012 Olympics and have proved to be masters of social media and experimental marketing. To read more about how effective they are at marketing click here.

3. The 20 most valuable brands in the world

Last week, Interbrand released their list of the world’s top 100 most valuable brands. For the last 13 years Coca-Cola have been at the very top of the list but this year they have been knocked off the top spot by none other than Apple. To have a look at how Interbrand created this list and to see the top 20 most valuable brands, click here.


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