#MarketingTitbits – Marketing Lessons From Mourinho, Pinterest for SMEs and a ‘video puzzle’!

1. How small business can use PinterestIf you haven’t heard about Pinterest by now, it is surely only a matter of time. We brought this great social media tool to your attention over a year ago now and since then it has gone from strength to strength, moving away from its humble beginnings as an American housewives’ favourite to a global social media powerhouse attracting the attention of all the big brands.

As of February, the site had over 25 million users and companies with Facebook and Pinterest brand pages report that Pinterest followers spend up to 15 times more time on their page than Facebook followers.

Pinterest is not only for the big brands and corporates though. SMEs can also benefit greatly from getting to grips with the platform.

To help you get started, we found this simple, easy to understand article on Forbes.com that gives small businesses a great start point.

2. 5 marketing lessons from Jose Mourinho

We found this interesting article in marketing magazine last week that gave some thought as to what marketers can learn from one of the world’s most high-profile and charismatic managers.

They identified 5 key lessons that all marketers should bear in mind when marketing their organisation:

Don’t be afraid to polarize opinion
Embrace the ‘siege mentality’
Protect your team
Who cares the most wins (sometimes)
Rules are for breaking

Find out how you can apply these principles by clicking here.

3. Got 4 iPhones and want to create a YouTube video?

Joe Penna is a great example of how someone can harness the power and reach of YouTube. His YouTube channel has over 2.5 million subscribers and his innovative videos are fast-propelling him up the list of the world’s top directors . People that have watched his videos will know what a talented and innovative individual he is.

We came across this ‘video puzzle’ last week and thought we’d share it. Enjoy.


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