#MarketingTitbits – Ron Burgundy, Tikker, company growth

RonB-Tikker-Growth-smallerRon Burgundyis Chrysler’s new spokesman and “it’s kind of a big deal”If you’ve never heard of Ron Burgundy then now is about time. The fictional character played by Will Ferrell has been announced as the new spokesman for Chrysler’s new model, the Dodge Durango. Mr Burgundy has made an appearance in a series of television adverts and short films online in a bid to advertise the new Chrysler car where he describes it as “360 times better than a horse” and emphasises the glove box which can hole “2 turkey sandwiches” or “70 packs of gum”! To have a look at some of these hilarious adverts from Chrysler, click here.

‘Watch’ the countdown of your life with Tikker

A new digital wristwatch called Tikker has been designed to tell the wearer exactly how much time they have left to live. On buying the watch, users must fill out a personal health questionnaire which will give them a number, they then have to subtract their age from the number and the countdown begins. Feeling sceptical? Each watch comes with a handbook which explains the exact process that goes into working out how much time a person has left to live.

We have to admit when we first heard about this we thought it sounded a little bit depressing but Tikker claim that the idea is to stop people from wasting their lives. If you want to ‘stop wasting your life’ and get yourself a Tikker watch, or even if you just want to read a bit more, click here.

Grow your business in 5 easy steps

According to Entrepreneur.com, too many start-ups today are staying in start-up mode and failing to take actions to promote ‘real’ growth. If you thinkthis might be something that applies to you and your business this article is definitely worth a read. To have a look at the five easy steps every company must take to grow their business click here.


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