#MarketingTitbits – Worst smartphone event ever, 100 inspirational quotes and 8 reasons to love Marmite’s markting.

Worst smartphone event ever? – 20 people injured at LG G2 launch
Most of us will be familiar with LG, the South Korean multi-national conglomerate that makes electronics, chemicals & telecom products and distributes them across 80 countries worldwide. The company, the product of a merger between companies Lucky and Goldstar, is also famous for its marketing slogan ‘Life’s good’. However, a couple of weeks ago, life most definitely was not, when LG launched their new G2 smartphone in South Korea. The seemingly innocent launch event in Seoul did not go to plan.

The idea was simple – they had around 100 balloons, each with a voucher for a free LG G2 smartphone attached. They promoted the event through social media and as a result hundreds of people arrived to try and get a free smartphone. However, they did not anticpiate the extremes to which people went to grab themselves a balloon. People came armed with BB guns and bug-catching nets, one woman even took along a spear!

As a result, 20 people were injured with LG offering to pay for any medical expenses. How many smartphones were claimed? None – all of the balloons flew away! Probably best not to ask the people injured that day if ‘Life’s Good’!

Top 100 inspirational quotes

“[A] quotation is a handy thing to have about, saving one the trouble of thinking for oneself, always a laborious business.” – A.A. Milne

For that reason we thought we’d share with you the top 100 inspirational quotes from Forbes, enjoy!

Love it or Hate it

In the 19th century, the product that was to become Marmite was invented by a German scientist called Justus von Liebig. In 1902 the Marmite Food Extract Company was formed in Staffordshire. The name ‘Marmite’ came from the French word (maʁmit) for a large cooking pot – which can still be seen on the front of every marmite jar. Marmite was so popular during World War I that British troops were issued Marmite as part of their rations.

Marmite’s very first advertising campaign began in the 1930s with the slogan “The growing up spread you never grow out of.” During the 1980s Marmite was advertised with the slogan “My mate, Marmite”. By the 1990s Marmite had made as many enemies as it had fans, with consumers either loving or hating the spread and in 1996 Marmite launched the “Love it or Hate it” campaign.

In August 2013 Marmite launched a new campaign playing on the idea of Marmite jars being neglected, the slogan being “Love it. Hate it. Just don’t forget it.” We think whether you love or hate Marmite itself you should check out these 8 reasons why you should love Marmite’s marketing!

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