Couch to half marathon in just 3 months – we did it!!

This year, we decided to complete a challenge that all of us could work towards and help us to raise some money in the process. On Sunday, our months of training were put to the test as we tackled the gruelling and (deceptively) hilly Basingstoke Half-Marathon. There was no blood, minimal tears and just a dash of vomit but we are proud to say that all the TLC Business Team completed the race with a smile (sort of) on their face.

We all finished in a great time and the results were as follows:

Josh – 1:31:55
Jake – 1.41.35
Lenny – 2.10.41
Anna – 2.12.20
Connie – 2.27.54

Although we are all very achy this week, we are feeling proud of ourselves for not only our personal accomplishments, but also the money we have raised (so far) for Marie Curie Cancer Care.

We’ve received an overwhelming amount of support, managing to raise £1,350.34 so far, but we’d love to raise even more and get to £1,500. Every penny counts, so we will be truly grateful for anything you can spare.

Please visit our Just Giving page, and for those of you who don’t think it’s a hard enough challenge, check out this poor guy…



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