Growth Vouchers – up to £2000 match funding!

Growth Vouchers were first announced by the Chancellor in the 2013 budget. The drive behind them is designed to help SMEs access the advice they need to help them grow. The businesses that participate will be allocated a voucher up to the value of £2,000, matched with their own funds, to spend on advice and guidance from industry experts. The advice areas include ‘Marketing, attracting and keeping customers’.

If you think you could benefit from strategic marketing advice to grow your business, you may be eligible for match funding of up to £2,000.

If you meet the criteria you will be taken through a diagnostic that assesses your business needs. If you are successful, you will receive a voucher. Once you have your voucher, you are free to choose your supplier; all suppliers are members of Founding Trade & Professional Bodies, to ensure the advice you receive is coming from experienced professionals.

TLC Business are delighted to have been accredited as Growth Advisors for this £30million government funded scheme, in the field of marketing.

We have already started working with businesses awarded Growth Vouchers to help get their marketing on track in 2014. With the extension of the scheme until March 2015, there is still time for your business to apply for a Growth Voucher and benefit from the funding to put towards expanding your business.

To find out if you are eligible for a voucher click here or give us a call for any additional information, on 01962 600 147.


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