#MarketingTitbits – Canon, sexist ads, Waitrose

canon-sexistads-waitrose1. Canon’s marketing strategy: capture moments that count
Canon, the Japanese multinational corporation known for selling cameras and photography equipment, have a new message for their online customer base. They say that everyone can do better than “good enough” in their photography, no matter what the images are for and they have asked their customers to show the world exactly what this means.

To find out how the 77 year old brand stays relevant in the digital era, click here. 


2. Sexist ads of the 1960s that companies wish we’d forget

The 1960s was a very different world to the one we live in today. Not only were products, fashions and design different but so too were attitudes towards women and their place in society.

We’ve found an article from Business Insider highlighting some of the most outrageously sexist adverts that were around in the 1960s, we’re sure some of the companies still around today wish we would forget.

To read more, click here. 


3. Waitrose boss: ‘Our strategy is to do the opposite of what everyone else is doing’

The majority of supermarkets these days are doing everything they can to compete on price and keep you shopping in their store. Most of these schemes include matching each other on price, having new special offers every week and discounting their products.

However, if you shop in Waitrose you may have already realised that they have come from a different angle to market their brand. Instead of lowering their prices, the supermarket strive to do the “opposite of what everyone else is doing” and focus on giving their customers an improved customer experience and enviable loyalty schemes.

If you would like to read more about Waitrose’s new marketing strategy, click here.

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