#MarketingTitbits – Coca-Cola, World Cup, inventions

coke-inventions-worldcup-smaller1. Coke launches free fitness classes as part of £20m anti-obesity drive
Coca-Cola Great Britain is in the process of launching a new anti-obesity drive. The programme, Coca-Cola Zero ParkLives, will bring free sports activities to parks all over the country including badminton, Pilates and Zumba.

The company are spending £20million on Coca-Cola Zero ParkLives and they aim to get 1 million people active by 2020. The success of ParkLives will be measured by a panel put together by UKactive. 


2. World Cup 2014: what should we expect from brands?

Every time a major international sporting event takes place, brands of all shapes and sizes take the opportunity to jump on the band wagon and launch themed marketing campaigns.

This year’s World Cup in Brazil is no exception and brands such as Coca-Cola, Cadbury, Adidas, Google and Continental have already released their World Cup themed advertising. To have a look at what we should expect from them and other brands over the coming month, click here. 


3. Accidental inventions that changed the world

The majority of the products we use today were invented for a specific purpose with time, money, effort poured into them for the specific goal of realising them. For example, the first iPod or Mac Computer didn’t happen by chance.

However, despite this, there are a large number of inventions that we have come to rely on today that were invented by accident or by someone trying to invent something else entirely. Coca-Cola, penicillin and Post-it notes are to name but a few. To have a look at a full list, click here.

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