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cokelife-socialdemographics-productivity-smaller1. Coke Life is the harbinger of death for Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola’s attempt to launch their new brand, Coca-Cola Life, has had the question raised byMarketingWeek, about whether their latest product a dud? Filled with 89 calories per can, Coca Cola Life has been described as a ‘half-way house’ between the regular 139 calorie can, and the zero calories of Diet Coke and Coke Zero.

Although Coca Cola have made a good attempt with their 50 calorie reduction, the drink still contains a high amount of sugar that could result in consumers shying away from the new introduction as the world’s population strives to be healthier.

The new flavour is stated to be extracted from natural sources, but take one look at the listed ingredients on the new green can and you’ll see that the soft drink contains a number of less than ‘natural’ substances and is certainly no more ‘natural’ than its ‘full-fat’ sister drink. So, maybe Coca Cola aren’t being 100% truthful in their claims.

It begs the question, is Coke following in the footsteps of rival Pepsi’s previous attempts at bringing healthier options into the market?

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2. The social media demographics report

Social media networks’ population profiles are constantly changing – some are cultivating millions of younger users, whilst others are reaching more mature audiences. But how are the demographics changing?

In a new Business Insider report, we see that Facebook is still the most popular among teens in the USA, whilst 6 out of 10 Snapchat users are in the 18 to 34 age group, making it the youngest social network of all. Another interesting revelation is the growth in male users on Twitter, whereas previously, the site had always typically been gender-neutral.

Is this a signal of further changing times in the world of social media?

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3. Get it done: 35 habits of the most productive people

We all only have 24 hours in a day and sometimes all of us go through times where this just doesn’t feel like enough for us to accomplish everything we set out to do. But Anna Vital, co-founder of Funders and Founders, has now compiled a number of tips on how to become more productive.

The infographic she has created consists of a number of actions you can adopt to improve your productivity. Not wasting time on wondering what to wear, eating healthily, assuming you’re always right and limiting your email replies to one per minute are just a few.

To see the full list, click here.

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