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content-lenses-aldi-smaller1. Ways to invite your followers into your content marketing
Content marketing has grown in popularity recently, but with the opportunity comes challenge for many businesses of how to go about taking advantage of it. A good example of comes from Vitamin Water, which partnered with Facebook and created the successful ‘flavour creator’ campaign. It worked perfectly cultivating interest and engagement with their target audience. But how have others capitalised on the power of content marketing?

Here are 5 ways to help draw your target audience into your world. Click here. 


2. Google inks a deal with Novartis to make smart contact lenses

The tech world has seen a rise in wearable items recently and Google is a major contributor to this. We’ve seen the introduction of watches and Google Glass to name but two. But never one to rest on their laurels, Google are now looking to expand even further after partnering with Novartis to develop ‘smart contact lenses’ that could provide vision correction or measure glucose levels for sufferers of diabetes.

To read more about the new lenses, click here. 


3. UK consumers rate Aldi top brand

As you may already know, discount grocers have rocked the retail sector over the last 12 months, and recent surveys about the nation’s top brands have certainly reinforced this.

Aldi has topped the list of YouGov’s top 10 brands relating to consumer perception, with a Buzz score of 25.9, shaking off rivals such as John Lewis and Sainsburys in terms of positive associations with the brands.

To read more and find out who else made the top 10, click here.

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