#MarketingTitbits – Facebook, uni blunders, real-time marketing

facebook-uniblunders-realtimemarketing-smaller1. Facebook just changed mobile advertising. Here’s how…
Facebook has set itself on a new mission – to combat ‘the mobile problem’. In the UK alone, Econsultancy believes that there is £1.9 billion+ of opportunity that isn’t being grasped for brands to buy more mobile ad space and reap the rewards of the ever-increasing use of mobile platforms.

Fear not, as Facebook has now introduced Atlas, a new ad buying service that will use Facebook’s user data to target audiences across other websites on multiple platforms. Buyers will be able to track the journey of a user, from the first sighting of an advert, to the possible click-through and potential conversion. The idea is that marketers will now be able to see if their mobile ads work and consequently whether they should buy more of them.

Will it increase mobile advertising? We’ll have to see.

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2. Five toe-curling blunders from university marketing teams

The university market has become increasingly competitive through the rise of tuition fees, meaning most are constantly developing their marketing strategies to embrace and engage with the younger generations. But sometimes even the biggest universities get it wrong.

Check out The Guardian’s article showing some of the worst mistakes made, including unfortunate acronyms created by Newcastle University when they attempted to trademark various names, and The University of California’s backlash after creating a new logo that some students believed resembled a flushing toilet.

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3. Five lessons learned from leading brands’ real-time marketing efforts

Today, more and more brands are attempting to enter the pool of real-time marketing, or quite simply engaging audiences with content that is happening now.

By taking a look at The Guardian’s compilation of some recent examples, you can learn some valuable lessons. For example, it is useful to check your messages before they are sent out, as made.com found after the Scottish Referendum when they sent out the wrong verdict, and faced handing out discounts to those who had seen the blunder. One brand that succeeded with its real-time marketing is Samsung, who enjoyed picking at Apple’s launch of the iPhone 6 as part of their ‘it doesn’t take a genius campaign’.

To see other brands’ attempts and learn some lessons, click here.

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