#MarketingTitbits – General Election, Googling for pizza, spotting fake reviews

election-pizza-reviews-smaller1. The election result: what it means for marketers
Over previous weeks, the general election result has dominated news headlines, as promises were made and the prospect of new legislation loomed. But, what does the new Tory government mean for marketers?

During the election campaign, the Conservative party stated that it was the best choice for marketers, delivering an environment where businesses can thrive, supporting continuous growth through their pledge to continue to remove the ‘red tape’ that surrounds the marketing industry. A Conservative spokesperson told Marketing Week that “marketing is one of Britain’s great creative and economic success stories”, promising to keep it that way as long as they are in government.

To find out more on how the new government could affect marketers, click here.

2. Googling for pizza? You can now order food directly from search results

It can be hard to keep up with Google’s continuously evolving features. From showing song lyrics in search results, to highlighting health-related information in queries, the search engine appears intent on becoming more than a mere signpost to a site.

Google has recently partnered with six food delivery services like Grubhub and Delivery.com, allowing users in the US to search for restaurants and instantly place a delivery. Further brands are set to be added in the future, with the feature possibly going global. Will it hit the UK?

To see how the latest addition works, click here.

3. True or false? How to spot a fake review

The internet has become home to reviews that are used by consumers and businesses alike. They help guide almost any purchase, whether this be for services, restaurants or where to travel.  However, some of these reviews can be fake and therefore misleading, so what sets the true from the false?

There are a number of indicators that you can look out for. These include signs like: the quantity, the more reviews the more realistic the representation; or how up-to-date the reviews are – recent feedback is much more trustworthy. It is important to know that any company that has a set of reviews can expect to have some critical comments, and this can actually reinforce the authenticity of their reviews because after all, no company is perfect – despite what Apple might think…;)

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