#MarketingTitbits – Marmite, Tesco, TED talks

marmite-tesco-tedtalks-smaller1. Marmite – the marketing story even the haters love
Marmite has recently won Brand of the Year at Marketing Week’s Engage Awards, but the brand only generated around £37million in sales in 2013, so why is this? Well, however small in financial terms the brand may be, it is a prominent and iconic edition to households across the UK for both lovers and haters.

You may have seen the ‘End Marmite Neglect’ campaign in August of last year, which focused on tugging at the nation’s heart strings to end the dull days that Marmite jars often spend in the backs of people’s cupboards. Its success resulted in a 14% increase in sales over eight weeks, along with 12,000 new social media followers in three months.

Unilever, who own the brand, are considering another push in Marmite’s marketing over the coming months, with the possibility of another TV appearance for the brand that even the haters love.

To read more about Marmite’s success, click here.

2. Secret marketer: Tesco’s reputation for choice is being eroded by its corner shop acquisitions

Tesco was founded upon and grew on its ability to give consumers outstanding personal service, but with the negativity that the retailer is facing at present, could they be drifting away from what actually made Tesco, Tesco?

Most places you visit across the country will be home to one of Tesco’s larger hypermarkets, but you are also likely to spot anywhere between two and five smaller ‘Express’ or ‘Local’ stores. These are ideal for convenience, but is this also an underlying problem? Being found lacking in the ‘customer-focused atmosphere’ department could be a factor behind the recent swapping of Tesco customers to discounters such as Aldi and Lidl.

What is your experience of Tesco as a consumer? To read more, click here.

3. The 20 most popular TED talks of all time

TED is a non-profit organisation that launched in the 80s to share life changing ideas across the globe.  TED brings together thought leaders from a wide range of sectors, who give 18 minute talks on ways to change the world for the better. Of the 1,800+ talks delivered so far, Business Insider reveals the 20 most popular of all time.

The list includes talks from some of the world’s most highly influential people and includes topics as diverse as brain magic, how to spot a liar, body language, the science behind motivation and more.

If you are interested in watching TED’s top 20, click here.

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