#MarketingTitbits – personalisation, McDonald’s, Wonga

personalisation-mcdonalds-wonga-smaller1. Google’s UK sales chief: it is criminal for brands to avoid personalisation
According to Google’s sales director, Martijn Bertisen, brands are still reluctant to “put faith into mobile”, even though 60% of consumers now wish for personalisation on the platform.

At the annual IAB Mobile Engage event, Bertisen explained that although mobile searches have now overtaken desktop searches in 10 of Google’s most advanced markets, marketers are unlikely to even be ready for mobile at the most basic level. So, with consumer demand growing for further personalisation of their experiences, what’s next for marketers?

Bertisen believes that those who push into the wearables industry and speak to each individual consumer in a personalised voice will be the ones who succeed.

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2. The 8 craziest ways McDonald’s has tried to boost sales

Last week marked a big birthday for the world’s biggest fast-food chain, as it celebrated the opening of its first restaurant. And to commemorate the milestone, Entrepreneur has compiled a list of some of the strangest methods that McDonald’s has used to boost the brand in the past.

From starting a delivery service in New York, to hiring a Mythbuster to talk about pink slime, it’s clear that the some are certainly less than conventional. But what do you think about Ronald McDonald’s new makeover and the brand’s terrifying new mascot, Happy?

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3. Wonga looks to rebuild battered brand as it pledges new ‘responsible’ marketing drive

Pay-day loan firm, Wonga, has revealed its new approach in the reshape of its marketing strategy, ditching the ‘Wongie’ puppets and creating a campaign surrounding ‘credit for the real world’.

The switch follows a string of high-profile controversies that have occurred over recent years. Some issues the brand has had to deal with include compensation payments, banned adverts and multiple incidents of public criticism. Wonga are hoping to overcome this recent backlash by focusing on the improvements they are making to people’s day-to-day lives.

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