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personalities-authenticity-socialmedia-smaller1. The best jobs for every personality type
Ever wondered what job you are best suited for? If you don’t, taking the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality test could be a start. You may not have come across it before, but this test has been an established tool within business for decades. Simply answer the questions and the results will outline what 5 job types you are most suited for, easy!

Let us know if you get anything surprising.

To take the test and find out what your top five are,click here.

2. How to be an authentic brand

Firefish has recently conducted a survey into the ‘authenticity’ of brands from the views of 1000 consumers. Many of the world’s most well-known brands hit the top 20, but there were also a few surprises. Heinz fought off competition from Apple, who came in 6th, and Coca Cola, who hit unlucky 13th, to come out in pole position. To be authentic, a brand needs to be culturally relevant to the target consumer, but how is this determined?

According to the study, there are particular values that can boost your ability to thrive as an authentic brand, including originality, expertise and passion. But, as recommended by Heinz’s vice-principal of marketing, Giles Jepson, your key to being authentic is to be clear about what you stand for. But is it always that simple?

To read more about the rankings, click here.

3. 5 Social Media mistakes to avoid

If you or your business is looking to master the world of social media, then there are certain things you need to steer clear of, as reported by Entrepreneur. Incomplete profiles mean an incomplete brand in the social media world. How is a potential customer supposed to gain all the relevant information about a business when the details aren’t placed in front of them?

Constant bombardments of sales pitches will also divert customers away from your profiles, so try to break up your feed by adding personal touches rather than violating Terms of Service agreements by spamming users. It is highly important to see you profiles through the eyes of potential customers, in order to achieve the best results from social media. If you succeed in this, then you are ideally positioned to reap the rewards that social media mastery offers.

Click here to find out what else you should aim to avoid when creating your profiles.

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