#MarketingTitbits – Twitter, Ribena, Innocent

twitter-ribena-innocent-smaller1. Like it or not, you’ll have Twitter’s new profile by May 28th
Last month, Twitter announced that they will be updating the Twitter profile design. It’s true that the new design bears more than a passing resemblance to Facebook, but like it or not, you will be using it from May 28th.

You have probably already seen the new design, as new users and some existing users have been using it over the past month. It appears that some Twitter users aren’t happy about the change and have been expressing their opinions over Twitter.

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2. Ribena ad banned for ‘exaggerated’ health boasts

In a bid to make their marketing “more consumer friendly”, Ribena got an advert banned by the Advertising Standards Authority.

The company had reworded health claims associated with the vitamins present in its products, such as “Vitamin A… helps keep your vision in tip-top condition” and “Vitamin C… it helps immunity”. Unfortunately, the ASA claimed that Ribena implied the vitamins make the body perform better when in reality they just help the body to maintain its normal function.

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3. Innocent juice campaign will run despite Indian mangoes import ban

As of May 2nd, the EU decided that the shipments of mangoes from India must be suspended. This is because some consignments of the fruit were found to be infested with fruit flies, which were deemed to be dangerous if brought over to the UK. David Cameron has said he will “do his best to reverse this ban so we can keep the special relationship with India”.

However, in the meantime, Innocent had to make a decision about whether they would run their new advertising campaign, which features the story about Bedrul who produces the mangoes that go into one of Innocent’s juice blends.

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