We’re running the Southampton half marathon!

After much debate, consideration and ‘gentle’ persuasion, the TLC Business team decided to take part in an activity which will test our limits, and what better than the Southampton Half Marathon? With just under 90 days to go until the gruelling event, we’re all attempting to physically (and mentally) prepare ourselves.

As you may already know, Josh and Anna completed the Basingstoke Half Marathon last year, whereas for the rest of us, it’s a new challenge. To encourage our training and a healthier office since the Christmas period, we invested in a running machine for the office.

To say we’re a competitive office is an understatement, and to build our strength and stamina, the TLC Business team are also attempting the #plankchallenge, where we all have to continually beat our personal time and record it on a table. So far, we have all ‘planked’ at least 4 times, each time improving by at least 10 seconds – impressive right?

As you can see, Shannon and Sophie have really taken to the challenge!









Many of us have been training for the marathon religiously, and it’s definitely taken its toll on Abby with her injured hip, Anna’s cracked rib and Shannon’s sore feet. We’re a dedicated team who will power through, but who’s next to ‘hit the wall’?