‘CamKids’ Update

Sreylim-1You may already know that TLC Business supports ‘CamKids’, The Cambodian Children’s Charity. In 2010, TLC Business decided too help the charity further by sponsoring a young girl called Sreylim. Unfortunately, Sreylim’s parents are too poor to support her and her brother Chanrith and they were deemed to be at risk, therefore, Social Services decided that it was in their best interests to live in the children’s village created by ‘CamKids’.
Our sponsorship not only provides food, education and clothes for Sreylim, but also lets her enjoy activities such as, swimming, sport and music….things we often take for granted.

We have received an update from ‘CamKids’ and we’re really pleased to hear that Sreylim recently completed grade 6, finishing near the top of her class in every subject.

To read more about Sreylim, life in the village and her progress, click here.

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