TLC Team Day Out

After tucking into some delicious burgers at 7Bone, the TLC team transformed into world-class detectives and headed over to Locked in a Room Southampton to solve the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Professor S. Pottenger. After enjoying the experience so much last time, the team wanted to try their hands at solving the harder challenge. This time, we split into 3 different groups (The Winners, The Real Winners, and The Actual Winners) and went head-to-head in the Parallax rooms.

Despite the successful escape rate being just 50%, all 3 teams managed to escape within the hour! We all came out feeling like winners – especially ‘The Actual Winners’ team – who really did win… The subject is still a sore point for the other two teams!

We’d like to thank 7Bone and Locked in a Room Southampton for making our team day out so fun, we thoroughly enjoyed our experience! Now we are turning our thoughts as to what to do next time, any ideas?