10 simple ways to get new leads and grow your business

We’re all about helping SMEs grow and one of the best ways to do that is by getting new leads.

Often, our customers know what they want to achieve, but find it tricky to know where to start. We’re always here to help, and to get you started we have put together 10 key ways to generate new leads and grow your business:


1) Purchase relevant data

Contacting the right people is vital. Purchasing relevant data is an ideal way to target relevant businesses, honing in on specific job titles that you think would be beneficial to talk to.

Use market research to understand your potential customers’ needs, preferences and behaviours. This information will help to guide your sales pitches and marketing efforts.

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2) Create email campaigns

Sending prospecting emails is a great way to gauge interest and generate new business. Think about your timing and recipients carefully to get the most out of your efforts.

Sending personalised offers to your existing customers and newsletters with product updates works well and is highly effective for lead generation. Our expert team is always here to run successful email campaigns for you.


3) Cold calling

Although it can be daunting picking up the phone and contacting someone new, it can be a great way to get an instant response and establish genuine interest in your products and services.


4) Networking

Attending industry events is a great way to make connections within the industry. Consider entering awards and attending award ceremonies, to get industry recognition.

Networking is a powerful tool to connect with potential leads and partners that can refer business to you.

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5) Good PR

It’s a good idea to write engaging and insightful articles for industry magazines and websites to get widely seen.

Share positive reviews, customer testimonials and case studies to establish yourselves as a reputable and trusted company worth doing business with.


6) Collaborate

Developing partnerships or collaborations with other companies is a great way to increase your reach and access their audience too.

Gaining backlinks will give your business a great boost. Each time another website links to yours in an article, it boosts your domain authority and improves the chance of people clicking through to your website.


7) Improve SEO

Working to improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), will mean your business will appear higher on web searches and reach more people.

Writing relevant blogs will show your brand authority and help with SEO. Adding internal links will also help crawlers to find relevant content and improve your search ranking.

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8) Regular social media posts

Posting regularly on social media will increase your reach. Sponsored ads and boosted posts are a great way to get seen and gain followers. Plus, targeted ads will help you reach specific demographics, driving significant traffic to your website and landing pages.

It’s also a good idea to share links to your blogs and white papers on social media to establish your authority in the industry.


9) Keep up-to-date

Make sure your company information is up-to-date, simple things like keeping your Business profile on Google My Business updated will mean new customers can contact you easily and you don’t miss out on any potential business.


10) Offer referral schemes

One of the best ways to generate new business is through word of mouth. Encourage your current customers to refer new clients to you. Offer incentives for referrals that result in new business.

Once you’ve done the hard work getting new leads, don’t forget to follow them up quickly, so you don’t lose out on potential business. Our team is always here to help with your marketing needs.


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