August’s Top Marketing Tips

  1. Think ‘Gorilla’! Basically do things differently. Whilst there is no substitute for the tried and tested traditional marketing methods, there is certainly room to support them in your marketing mix through less conventional methods. If you are feeling inspired to do things differently, make sure you use your imagination when thinking up attention grabbing campaigns. Most of the guerrilla marketing campaigns in our blog were very inexpensive. They just required a little bit of imagination and energy.
  2. Use online press releases. There are many site out there on the web, such as PR Log, that will let you upload your own press realises for free. These serve two purposes. One, it lets you communicate your news / story on the web and if it is interesting it might get picked up in other sources. Two, it can increase your web visibility and if you insert a link back to your website, it can drive traffic back to your website and potentially enhance your SEO credentials.
  3. More free data! Last month we directed you to a free source of 200 records of targets of your choice to expand your database. This month we’ve found another 100. The nice people at Market Scan are offering 100 free records of your choice to supplement your current database. Visit FREE DATA to register and claim your 100 free leads.