#MarketingTitbits – domains, data laws, Budget 2015

domains-data-budget-smaller1. Eight genuinely useful tools for domain name generation
When creating a website, the hardest part can often be thinking of and securing a name. One of the biggest problems today is that there are over 900 million registered website domains, but only 25% are actually in use. If you’re struggling to find a domain for your website, a list of the best name generator tools has been compiled by Econsultancy; here are just a few.

Name Mesh, Panabee and Domainr are sites that will allow you to search for a number of alternatives to your ideal domain name/s, which could include shortening or finding alternate TLDs (top level domains). Another problem is then replicating your chosen name across social networks, but with the help on NameChk, you can browse through 157 communities to find out which ones are available.

To see the other tools, you can click here.

2. What new data laws mean for marketers

The EU has been working on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for some time now. The net result of which, brands and businesses will be required to be completely transparent with consumers about what they can expect their data to be used for. The Guardian is one brand that has followed this, through their creation of a £5000 video titled ‘Why your data matters to us’.

With the GDPR due to be released in 2017, the legislation that will be introduced could include the ‘right to be forgotten’, which allows for any out-of-date or incomplete information to be removed from search engine results. The GDPR could also offer brands the option to process pseudonymous data, where personal identifiers are replaced to protect consumer rights.

For more on the GDPR, click here.

3. What the Budget means for your business

When the Budget was announced last week, George Osborne promised that the annual tax return would be scrapped, with digital accounts as replacements. But, what hasn’t been made clear is exactly how this will happen.

One potentially beneficial possibility is that by 2020, small businesses may be able to link their accounting software to government systems, which will share their financial information. As efficient as this might sound, businesses might not respond so positively to the initiative. 100% tax relief on the cost of new equipment is due to fall from £500,000 to £25,000, although George Osborne has suggested this will be reviewed.

These are just a few of the measures that might affect you and your business. You can find out more on what the Budget announcement means for your business by clicking here.

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