SEO-PR The Perfect Match

TLC would like to take the opportunity to welcome two new members to the TLC team.
We would first like to introduce you to our SEO wizard. Tim is an experienced online marketing expert that has worked for both Internet Marketing Agencies and online businesses.  Our second new arrival is our PR specialist Kate.  Kate has over 20 years experience and is passionate about helping organisations tap into the benefits of social media as a PR tool, to support more traditional methods, when looking to raise their profile.

We here at TLC believe that Tim and Kate are a match made in heaven; SEO and PR both look to raise the profile of an organisation by increasing its authority amongst your target audience.  Like any couple, SEO and PR share some of the same values: success cannot be guaranteed, relationships and industry knowledge are vital and to achieve spectacular results, you need to let the experts do what they do best, dabbling in either area rarely works effectively.

Not only do PR and SEO share important values, they both work hard for the same goal – brand exposure within your target market.  The marriage between PR and SEO can form a long lasting union that will assist in raising your brand’s profile in a number of crucial areas: 


  • Improving communication:

News stories stay online; your news item can still be read months after the event.

  • Generating publicity:

Online stories can spread at the speed of lightning. Issue a press release online and it can be taken up and commented on minutes later. 

  • Getting in bound links:

There has been an increase in news sites writing about and linking to external web sites from different sectors. Get your link noticed and you can capture their large audiences.

  • Building brand awareness:

The links the story creates not only bring people themselves but also boosts your search engine ranking and online presence.


A relationship like this can work well for small, medium and large companies within a variety of different markets.  One company to benefit from SEO and PR collaborations is Sky and its education site.

Sky aimed to drive traffic to their Sky Learning site, an education page focused towards students and teachers. To increase their online presence, Sky adopted an SEO-PR partnership to target their audience using short videos of former Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq revealing her top study tips.

These videos were shared on student and revision communities, as well social networking sites, to enable Sky Learning to reach the teen market.  The various techniques Sky adopted saw thousands of new visitors click through to the Sky Learning site.  The whole process improved Sky Learning’s brand awareness, communication and internet traffic, as well as generating a whole host of positive publicity.

Whilst Sky is a large corporate, there is no reason that smaller SMEs cannot take advantage similar methods to achieve  equally impressive results that help grow your business.


If you think your could benefit from an SEO and PR partnership and would like further information, simply email .

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