CamKids return to school in 2021!


You may already know that TLC Business supports ‘CamKids’, The Cambodian Children’s Charity. ‘CamKids’ is a development and relief organisation, dedicated to providing direct aid to disadvantaged children in Cambodia.

Last year was tough on many fronts for everybody, but we are pleased to say that ‘CamKids’ have been able to adjust and continue to provide vital help in Cambodia. In fact, they were able to reopen their schools in January 2021 after a delay from the Cambodian Government due to COVID-19!

We are pleased to say, we received a case study from one of the Students at ‘CamKids’ schools. This is his story and how the charity helps:

Camkids celebrate their best year yet

TLC Business have been proud sponsors of The Cambodian Children’s Charity for 9 years now, so we’re really pleased to share their latest update about how the charity’s education program is going.

2019 has been an excellent year for the charity, with another cohort of final year students successfully graduating (despite the outside pressures on children in this region of Cambodia to leave school and get a job in the fields or factories as early as possible); as well as successfully installing electricity in their CCC school, which helps Cambodian children from poorer backgrounds have access to an education.

A few highlights from 2019 include:

  • The CCC School reaching 423 students, from kindergarten through to Grade 6
  • The CCC School achieving a 98% pass rate
  • The Cambodian Children’s Charity health clinic providing free healthcare services to more than 2000 children and 847 villagers
  • Eighteen volunteers visiting the CCC school to teach Maths and Literacy

You can read the full update here and if you’d like to know more about The Cambodian Children’s Charity work, you can visit their website here.

Little Princess Trust

We’re all very proud of Abby who has donated 8 inches of her hair to the Little Princess Trust.










The Little Princess Trust provides real hair wigs to boys and girls across the UK and Ireland that have sadly lost their own hair through cancer treatment.

To find out more about the Little Princess Trust, click here.

Camkids Winter 2015/16 Newsletter

TLC proudly sponsors Camkids – The Cambodian Children’s Charity, and this week we received our Winter 2015/16 Newsletter. Camkids are an amazing charity who supports less-fortunate children in Cambodia with parents who are unable to support them.

Camkids have had a great start to the year, as they are now a fully-registered International Non-Governmental Organisation (INGO), which underlines their commitment to providing quality education, nutrition, healthcare and development to the children of Cambodia.

To see what Camkids have been up to, click here to read the Winter Newsletter in full.

CamKids 2015 Update

As you may already know, TLC Business support ‘CamKids’ – The Cambodian Children’s Charity, and this week we received our Child Sponsorship Annual Update.

We sponsor a young girl called Sreylim who is now 15, and is about to go into Grade 10 at school. She remains very committed and works hard at school; however she isn’t a fan of biology! She doesn’t yet have any firm ideas about what she wants to do when she finishes school, but she still thinks she would like to use her English skills. Sreylim has considered teaching or translating, but says she would also like to work as a tour guide, and thinks that the amazing temple complex at Siem Reap might be a good place to work.

Sreylim has previously travelled to Siem Reap to participate in the bicycle challenge, and this year she was very excited to return, but this time with her mother. She really enjoyed showing her mother around the temples, and Angkor Wat itself was definitely her favourite. She loved the steep stairs and all of the wonderful stone carvings.

Sreylim’s brother, Chanrith, is also doing very well, both near the top of their respective grades. Chanrith is now 19 and is in the year above Sreylim at school. They both remain very close and supportive of each other, and are looking forward to travelling home for the Pchum Ben holiday.

If you would like to find out more about CamKids and their incredible work, click here.

TLC Business sponsors Sreylim from Cambodia

Sreylim-2You may already know that TLC Business supports ‘CamKids’, The Cambodian Children’s Charity. ‘CamKids’ is a development and relief organisation, dedicated to providing direct aid to children in Cambodia who are either poor or whose parents are not there for them: orphans, street children, children living in poor rural areas and children affected by natural disasters, such as flood or famine.
Cambodia is one of the poorest countries in the world. Crippled by decades of war, international embargoes, political instability and economic stagnation. The majority of the population live in rural areas, are poor and lack access to even the most basic services. With over half of the population under the age of 18 years, there are serious concerns for their economic and social well-being. Cambodia is one of the countries worst affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic and the impact on many households in human and financial terms is devastating.

‘CamKids’ work on a number of projects and programs to help the children of Cambodia. ‘Camkids’ opened the Who Will Village in 2008, the village is doing all it can to provide a fantastically stimulating, happy and safe home life for the poor or abandoned children of Cambodia. Many of the children have come from broken and underprivileged families and/or unsuitable, risky living conditions. A lot of importance is placed on fostering the children’s self worth and emotional needs and actively encouraging the children to be proud of who they are and to have dreams to aspire to. There are currently 46 children under the care of Who Will, ranging from 4-16 years old. The children all attend a local government school and also have English lessons once a day at the village.

This year the team here at TLC Business decided to help ‘CamKids’ further by sponsoring a child from the Who Will Village. Sreylim Ngeth is 11 years old and arrived at the village in 2009. Sreylim’s parents are incredibly poor farmers who cannot afford to look after their children. Social Services have established that it is in the best interests of Sreylim and her brother Chanrith to live at the Who Will Children’s Village.

Our donation will contribute towards the cost of Sreylim’s food, school uniform, medical expenses and her education. We will be raising money this year through various activities to help support Sreylim and the Who Will Village.

The team here at TLC Business are looking forward to seeing how Sreylim progresses over the next few years. To find out more about ‘Camkids’, click here.


TLC Business Supports WaterAid

waterYou may already know that TLC Business supports ‘CamKids’, The Cambodian Children’s Charity. A year ago, TLC Business decided to help ‘CamKids’ further by sponsoring a child called Sreylim, this year we have decided to support a 2nd charity, WaterAid.Whilst many people are feeling the pinch, we sometimes forget how good we actually have it. 884 million people in the world do not have access to safe water. This is roughly one in eight of the world’s population.

We use water to drink, to clean, to cook, to grow things, to wash our cars, to do countless things that we often take for granted, because we have easy access to one of the most precious resources in the world.

WaterAid’s vision is of a world where everyone has access to safe water and sanitation. TLC Business wants to support WaterAid with their mission to transform lives by improving access to safe water, hygiene and sanitation in the world’s poorest communities.

Stay tuned this year for some of our fundraising efforts.

‘CamKids’ Update

Sreylim-1You may already know that TLC Business supports ‘CamKids’, The Cambodian Children’s Charity. In 2010, TLC Business decided too help the charity further by sponsoring a young girl called Sreylim. Unfortunately, Sreylim’s parents are too poor to support her and her brother Chanrith and they were deemed to be at risk, therefore, Social Services decided that it was in their best interests to live in the children’s village created by ‘CamKids’.
Our sponsorship not only provides food, education and clothes for Sreylim, but also lets her enjoy activities such as, swimming, sport and music….things we often take for granted.

We have received an update from ‘CamKids’ and we’re really pleased to hear that Sreylim recently completed grade 6, finishing near the top of her class in every subject.

To read more about Sreylim, life in the village and her progress, click here.