Marketing Titbits – a Google + update, become a Photoshop expert and Snapchat

1. Google + update
When talking about social media with clients, one of the questions we frequently get asked is what about Google +? Is it worthwhile investing time in? The short answer is, probably. Google + is quietly going about its business, amassing 250 million users (150 million active) at the time of writing and with current growth at 10 million users a month.

Having access to its user base is one benefit, but we feel it is the SEO benefits associated with being active on it that are really where businesses can take advantage. After all, if you want to succeed in enhancing your website’s ranking in Google, it is fairly logical to assume that you need to play by Google’s rules. Google + now represents one of those rules.

We should also stress that this is not just an assumption. We are finding increasingly that activity and shares on Google + are having a positive impact on search engine rankings in Google.

To get started, we’d suggest implementing 3 things:

1. Create a Google + Local Page.

2. Add a +1 share button to the pages on your website.

3. Start sharing your content and importantly that of others, complimentary to your business.

We have found that once you start getting on top of these 3 areas, there is a marked increase in the search engine rankings of your website. Give it a go and see what you think.

2. Get to grips with Photoshop

If you’ve ever wanted to get to grips with Photoshop but have never had the time or budget to take classes, CreativeLIVE is for you. 2 weeks ago CreativeLIVE hosted Photoshopweek, 6 days comprising of 40 different online classes from Photoshop experts, catering for all levels of Photoshop expertise. CreativeLive have compiled all 40 of the training sessions into an online course available for download at a significantly reduced rate. If you are keen to hone your Photoshop skills this is well worth taking a look at. More information can be found here.

3. Snapchat

If you haven’t heard about it yet, you soon will have. It seems a week doesn’t go by without yet another social media ‘next big thing’ popping up onto the ever-evolving digital landscape. Snapchat has caught our eye recently; and if the 60 million + pictures and messages sent a day are anything to go by, Snapchat may just have a future. What sets it apart from the plethora of other messaging services out there is that the images sent through it only exist for a maximum of 10 secs and then are gone forever.

The appeal seems to stem from the impermanent nature of the communications. Unlike Facebook etc., your content is not indexed and accessible online indefinitely. It is also free (so far) from the increasingly intrusive adverts that permeate Facebook and other social media platforms. This, combined with the ease and spontaneity of the service, seems to have tapped into an as yet unsatisfied need amongst the younger population.

As to how businesses can make use of Snapchat, the jury is still out. It is clearly a very effective way of communicating in real time with an audience. Whether your target audience is engaged, is another matter. Watch this space! Take a look here.

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