#MarketingTitbits – how top retailers are using Pinterest, before they were famous & subliminal messaging in logos

1. A year on, how do the top 10 UK retailers use Pinterest?
Since its launch in 2010, Pinterest has become the third largest social networking site behind Facebook and Twitter with 11million visits a week. The majority of its users are female and the most popular topics on Pinterest are interior design and cookery.

Despite this, it is not only housewives that use Pinterest; it is becoming increasingly popular amongst brands as well. Companies can promote new products and increase brand awareness by pinning photos that inspire them and are likely to inspire others as well.

We think Pinterest can be as beneficial to you as it can be to the likes of Marks & Spencer and Debenhams, but if you have no idea where to start then have a look at how the top 10 UK retailers use Pinterest.

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2. Ads made by film directors before they were famous

Some film directors start out on the production side of films, as lighting technicians and production assistants. However, sometimes they get in to the film industry by taking director roles for things such as television adverts and music videos – they don’t just jump into the best jobs without doing the less glamorous ones first.

This week, we saw a great article which rounds up 6 great adverts directors made before they were famous. To have a look at them, click here.

3. Subliminal messages in 15 popular logos

Subliminal messages affect the unconscious mind. They come in the form of images being flashed quickly across our field of vision so that we don’t consciously take note of them, audio messages that are masked by other sounds and images hidden inside another image or logo.

From Coca-Cola to Amazon, logos that we see every day contain subliminal messages! Have a look at this article which highlights 15 of them.

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