#MarketingTitbits – words, Apple, John Lewis

words-apple-johnlewis-smaller1. Words that people frequently get wrong
Sometimes grammar can be tricky and getting the wrong words in the wrong place can get your writing instantly discredited by the reader. Despite the use of spelling and grammar checkers as standard these days, they frequently fail to identify even the most explicit of typos or spelling mistake. With this in mind, we found a useful article from Business Insider this week.

The article highlights 32 words that people often get wrong and how to use them properly. The list includes ‘elicit’ and ‘illicit’, ‘discreet’ and ‘discrete’ and ‘principal’ and ‘principle’. To read more, click here. 


2. Mind-blowing facts about Apple

Apple was first founded in April 1976. Since then it has become one of the largest corporations in the world and certainly one of the most influential.

It can be hard to put the enormity of the company that is Apple Inc. into perspective sometimes, but we’ve found a great article that helps to do this. For example, did you know Apple have $150.6 billion in cash meaning they could buy Netflix, Tesla, Twitter, Dropbox, Pandora and Spotify and still have $59 billion in cash to spend on anything else it wants?

For more mind-blowing facts about Apple, click here. 


3. John Lewis brand ‘not as loved as you might think’

John Lewis has become an integral part of British culture. The company have won the Verdict’s award of ‘The Nation’s Best Retailer’ 15 years in a row.

Despite this, Rachel Swift, John Lewis’ head of marketing, says “they don’t love us quite as much as you’d think.” In a recent study carried out by the company itself, customers were asked if they would ‘hang around’ with the brand if it were at a party, the majority answer was ‘not necessarily’.

To read more about why the nation don’t love John Lewis as much as you might expect, click here.

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