CamKids 2015 Update

As you may already know, TLC Business support ‘CamKids’ – The Cambodian Children’s Charity, and this week we received our Child Sponsorship Annual Update.

We sponsor a young girl called Sreylim who is now 15, and is about to go into Grade 10 at school. She remains very committed and works hard at school; however she isn’t a fan of biology! She doesn’t yet have any firm ideas about what she wants to do when she finishes school, but she still thinks she would like to use her English skills. Sreylim has considered teaching or translating, but says she would also like to work as a tour guide, and thinks that the amazing temple complex at Siem Reap might be a good place to work.

Sreylim has previously travelled to Siem Reap to participate in the bicycle challenge, and this year she was very excited to return, but this time with her mother. She really enjoyed showing her mother around the temples, and Angkor Wat itself was definitely her favourite. She loved the steep stairs and all of the wonderful stone carvings.

Sreylim’s brother, Chanrith, is also doing very well, both near the top of their respective grades. Chanrith is now 19 and is in the year above Sreylim at school. They both remain very close and supportive of each other, and are looking forward to travelling home for the Pchum Ben holiday.

If you would like to find out more about CamKids and their incredible work, click here.

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