Top Marketing Tips – October 2012

  1. Pheed is the latest social media platform to come on the scene. It offers the standard sharing features, such as text, photos and videos. However, they have decided to differentiate their offering by including new features like voice notes, audio clips and crucially, live broadcasting. It also offers a unique way for users to generate income from their content. They do this by enabling account holders to charge monthly subscription fees to access their content or set up pay per view features. Will it take off? We think it is unlikely, but it does offer small businesses an interesting platform to showcase content.
  2. Google have realised their newest tool that allows website owners to “disavow” low quality links that might be reducing their PageRank. The function has been added toWebmaster Tools. It comes with the warning though; “only to be used with caution”. The main purpose of the Disavow Link tool is to stop low-quality spam links negatively impacting on the search rankings of your website.
  3. If you organise events, seminars or meetings, Doodle could be just the tool you’ve been looking for. It is a free online scheduling tool that enables users to identify a date and time to meet multiple people, which is convenient for all.