CamKids Update 2013

Sreylim2013This week we received our Child Sponsorship Annual Update from the Cambodian children’s charity CamKids. We sponsor a young girl called Sreylim, whose parents are sadly too poor to support her and her brother.

Sreylim is now 14, she is very happy and healthy and doing very well at school, despite contracting Typhoid. She came 2nd overall in her entire class with her results this year. Her favourite sports are football and badminton and she loves reading English stories – the most recent one being “Anne of Green Gables”. Her favourite English band, perhaps unsurpisinglym, is One Direction.

She is very excited about her upcoming return trip to the Angkor Cycle Challenge, she has been entered into a 17km bike ride and has been training at 5:30am every morning. When Sreylim finishes school she plans to study to be a translator and then hopefully become a tour guide.

To read more about CamKids or the Who Will Village click on the links below.


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