#MarketingTitbits – Keep Calm.., World Cup, speaking

slogan-videos-speaking-smaller1. Keep Calm and Carry On – the unlikely success of a failed slogan
“Keep Calm and Carry On” is now one of the most iconic British slogans. The slogan itself, as well as various interpretations, is used all over the world on a wide range of merchandise.

Despite being produced in 1939, the original poster was not seen by the public until 2001 when a second-hand book shop owner found a copy in a box of books bought at an auction. The poster was displayed in the bookshop and they began selling reproductions later that year.

To read more about this slogan and its place in today’s society, click here.


2. 20 best branded Vines and Instagram videos from World Cup 2014

As you probably already know, the World Cup has finally come to a close with Germany taking the trophy. This is a great time to look back on the last four weeks and the many brands that have cashed in on the football tournament.

We’ve seen tropical, ‘Brazil’ inspired flavours of vodka, sweets and even fried chicken. Have a look at this article from Econsultancy that highlights the best branded Vine and Instagram videos of the last 4 weeks. To read more, click here. 


3. 7 bad speaking habits that turn people off

Last year, author Julian Treasure gave a TED talk showing that anyone can speak effectively and exactly how to do it. As well as giving tips of what you can do, he outlines exactly what not to do and explained about bad speaking habits that you should eliminate.

To find out what the main bad habits most of us are guilty of are, click here.

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