Making your marketing work for busy people on the move

It’s no secret that many people are short on time and are already trying to cram too much into their hectic schedules. That’s why it’s essential to make your marketing work for busy people on the move.

We’ve put together some top tips for how to grab your audience’s attention – and if you’re struggling with time yourself, we’re always here to help you put it into practice:


Mobile optimisation

Making sure your content is easily accessible on mobile devices should be at the top of your to-do list!

93% of the UK population now use mobile internet, with people spending over four hours a day on their mobile phones on average, Statista reports. So it’s crucial to provide a seamless and user-friendly mobile experience.

Pay close attention to making sure people will be able to view your website, emails and landing pages clearly on their phones, to help your audience engage with your brand.

Free photo hands of unrecognizable woman using smartphone at desk in office


Use concise messaging

Busy people have limited time to spare scrolling through tons of text, so keep your marketing messages brief and to the point.

Use clear and attention-grabbing language to convey your message quickly, and, of course, get their attention!


Add visual content

Visual content is easier to consume on the go and can quickly convey your message.

So aim to mix up your standard marketing materials and incorporate eye-catching images, infographics and videos, it’s a great way to leave a lasting impression and stick in their memory.


Share attention-grabbing social media posts

Staying active on social media platforms will help to connect with your target audience on the go.

Regularly posting engaging content, responding to messages promptly and using social media advertising, will help to build strong connections with your followers.


Use location-based marketing

Make the most of location-based advertising and notifications, to target busy people with relevant offers, based on their current location.

Location-based advertising works really well to drive footfall for businesses with physical locations. For exclusively online businesses, targeting specific demographics or interests, will give you a better chance of reaching and connecting with your audience.


Add QR codes

Adding QR codes on your marketing materials will allow busy individuals to quickly access additional information or promotions with a simple scan or tap. They’ll definitely thank you for the time you’ve saved them!

Stay relevant

When sending email campaigns to busy subscribers, it’s essential to create relevant content, and where possible personalise it, to increase the chance of engagement. Otherwise you’ll lose them at ‘hello’.


Offer time-sensitive promotions

Creating limited-time offers, or flash sales, will create a sense of urgency and drive immediate action from people on the move. Or before you know it, taking up your promotion will have landed at the end of a very long to-do list, that they may never get round to completing.


Voice search optimisation

With voice-activated devices becoming a popular part of everyday life, making sure your content is optimised for voice search queries, is becoming more and more relevant.

This allows busy users to find your products or services quickly through voice assistants like Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant.

Check out our recent blog for the best ways to feature in voice search results.


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